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High Heat Dissipation Slip Ring

The slip ring for wind turbines made by the sleeve, connected to the grounding ring at the ends of the sleeve, fixed disk, a small shaft encoder, phase conductive rod, insulation plate, mounted between the grounding ring and the fixed disk, mounted on a fixed screw with ring and disposed between the ring and the stationary phase plate, grounding ring spacer structure, phase slip ring of the inner ring and the inner ring spacers between each phase and the sleeve are close to the installation. The disadvantage is poor heat dissipation, not suitable for use in high power wind turbines.

Cosmau overcome slip ring shortcomings of poor heat dissipation, providing a good thermal performance of a wind turbine slip ring. The slip ring is made of a high thermal sleeve, the sleeve is connected to the ends of the ground ring, fixed disk, a small shaft encoder, phase conductive rod, insulation plates, fixing screw mounted between the grounding ring and the fixed disc, mounted in a fixed phase ring and screw on the ring disposed between the phase and the fixed disk, grounding ring spacer structure, which is characterized by a gap between the member and the sleeve is mounted on a fixed screw.

The slip ring assembly structure adopted in each phase between the inner ring and the sleeve are held between the spacer and sleeve cylindrical outer space for a certain distance in order to ensure the free flow of air, which can to facilitate a timely manner to the heat generated away when the slip ring works, to meet the high-power wind generators. Similarly, in the phase ring, fixed disk, grounding slip ring, open end faces of the insulating plate through holes, these vias contribute to the formation of the end face of the air flow channels to facilitate the air to remove heat the slip ring. The temperature rise of the slip ring is small, on the one hand make wind turbines more stable jobs, on the other hand but also conducive to expanding the use of slip rings, especially in harsh conditions, such as wind power in the high temperature environment of the ground generator use, especially suitable for high power wind turbines.