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High Performance Electrical Slip Rings

Slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system field, 360 degree continuous rotation transmitting power and data signals, often referred to as adapter, slip ring, rotary joint, collecting ring, reflux ring, commutator, the principle is achieve current, or image data signal and power transmission in the relative rotation of the two bodies.

Often used in unrestricted 360-degree continuous rotation, requiring electrical transmission field, the data signal from the fixed position to the rotational position. Its structure is mainly made of an elastic material (brush), the sliding contact surface material (conductive ring, precision bearings, plastic insulation material, resin-bonded materials. Brush using precious metal alloys, as "II" shape with the conductive ring "V" shaped grooves symmetrical double exposure, use a brush with the conductive elastic pressure ring groove sliding contact to transmit signals and current, is a key component of various precision rotary table, centrifuges and inertial navigation equipment.

1. Turn the contact surface for the gold - gold, precious metal contacts ensure a long working life
2. 360 degree unlimited rotation smooth, fully meet the image and data transmission
3. The complete product line, according to customer demand for customized products needed
4. Compact structure, smooth operation
5. Low torque, low noise, high-definition
6. In a small space can operate freely, moisture, dust, high temperature, long life
7. Cosmau in the production of the first product is not only strict process management and control processes, sincere recognition and long-term cooperation for each manufactured products must undergo a rigorous comprehensive performance testing, because of the insistence of a long time before they get old customers.

An outer diameter of 5-300 mm, number of channels up to 120 road, speed up to 2000RPM, some models support 10000RPM. Metal / plastic housing, optional rotary axis, can provide different combinations of electrical pathways (video, control, sensing, Power, Ethernet, etc.), a leading domestic military-grade high standard surface treatment, gold on gold contacts ensure low contact resistance and long working life, particularly suitable for small and medium systems weak control signal transmission. If you need high-quality slip ring, please contact us, our engineers will recommend your model or design.

Customizable options include: rotational speed, shell, seal level, different current level mixed current size, wire end plug, outlet direction, large ones, different media hybrid transmission.