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Cosmau's High Performance Slip Ring

In the highly competitive manufacturing, product quality is the key to victory. Quality and development of Cosmau, established over the years, has been depending on the product quality is better than cosmau of life, has always insisted the quality control and the advanced design and production management process as important as position, Continuous improve the testing process and after-sales services. All products always adhere to the most stringent standards of production, and firmly in accordance with national standards, industry standards, the European standard technical requirements strictly enforced, as far as possible to eliminate the problem of products into the hands of customers.

Cosmau company has introduced advanced quality management system, in all aspects of design, manufacture, testing, strict management, coupled with high-end imported equipment and high technology to do that. The performance of cosmau slip ring has always been at the forefront of this industry. With a strong R & D strength, years of production experience and close cooperation with foreign well-known manufacturers, cosmau can not only provide general industrial electrical slip ring, but also according to customer requirements designed to customize specific slip ring. From 1 to 120 circuits, from milliamps to 500 amps, from millivolts to 600 volts, from 10 to 10,000 rpm, from the ordinary to the fiber optic slip ring and other special requirements, we can meet customer needs.

The 21st century is the era of rapid development of industrial equipment, thus increasing demand for the slip ring, while the maintenance costs of the equipment is relatively increased. High quality slip rings can not only meet the equipment uptime, but also reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, so produce qualified products is a responsibility of the customer. Due to the special nature and scope of the slip ring products, the quality of slip ring for subsequent use has an important influence. Cosmau company aware of the importance of product quality, so always put the quality in the first place. High quality slip ring products not only for the company responsible, it is the customers, socially responsible.

Cosmau has specialized in the design and development of slip ring for nearly 20 years, has a rich of experience in design and practice, we always believe that the first-class products is the best return to customers.