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High Temperature and High Speed Slip Ring

Cosmau developed a precision device implementation of the signal and the current transfer from relative rotation structure in a high temperature and high speed environment - four-way slip ring.

At present, the degree of automation of domestic pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry, machinery, auto parts and other industries increasingly high, while some industries, their work environment with higher temperatures, automatic line control requirements means increased. Electrical signal transmission slip ring as the implementation of the rotating parts, requires not only able to take delivery of power, but also required to maintain a normal work in the case of high temperature, high-speed operation. Under normal circumstances, the slip ring normal operating temperature < 80° C, but in some industries operating temperatures up to 150° C, ordinary slip ring will not work, for the production of great loss. This paper describes a simple structure, four-channel conductivity slip ring at 150-200 degrees high temperature environment to work reliably.

Cosmau provides four-channel conductive slip ring adopts the following technical solution: the output terminals, output wiring tray, the housing, the mandrel, insulated seat, four pairs of brushes, bearings, input wiring boards, input terminals, flexible conductive sheet, four metal collector rings. Alloy collector ring and output wiring tray set with the device on a rotating mandrel, the mandrel and housing through the bearing to connection, bench insulator between the mandrel and alloy collector ring, the brush connect with the input terminal, and in contact with the cylindrical elastic alloy collector ring, wherein said brush is a carbon fiber - silver matrix composites, between the brush and the elastic conductive sheet comprises a high temperature resistant 200° C silver ECAs bonding, surface roughness of the alloy collector ring of < 0.8μm.

Four-way slip ring input terminals connected to brushes, four pairs of brushes in contact with the four cylindrical collector ring elasticity, electrically isolated by the bench insulator which between the mandrel and alloy collector ring. When the rotary device with slip ring mandrel connected need to work, the power input terminals, power transmission through the brush contact to alloy collector ring, output terminals and electrical equipment, make sure electrical equipment is working properly. When electrical equipment is rotated, slip ring mandrel, the output terminal pad, alloy collector ring rotates together, brush and slip ring maintain flexibility alloy contacts to ensure continuous power transmission, to achieve from fixtures transfer electrical energy to rotary device.

Brush contact surface of the alloy collector ring to the corresponding concave arc and alloys collecting ring outside the arc, alloy collector ring surface finish, so that small moment between the brush and the collector ring, low friction and contact resistance, it can work at 150 to 200 degrees high temperature environment. The use of "high temperature silver conductive glue" bonding process instead of the traditional brush connection, the brush has good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance and electrical characteristics; carbon fiber - an alternative to traditional silver-based composite material graphite brush, greatly reducing the contact resistance between brushes and slip rings alloy, reducing the coefficient of friction between the two and the heat generated by friction, making it suitable for high-temperature, high-speed environment, the service life of conventional graphite brush 3 -5 times, to achieve a breakthrough in transmission performance and service life.

The four-way slip ring with simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, work reliably at 150-200 ° C high temperature environment.

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