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High Wire Rod Mill Roll Box Slip Rings

High wire rod mill roll box is the core of the high-speed wire rod production unit, the quality and yield of the product has a very important role, between the roll shaft and roll box through the contact seal structure phase, the seal structure includes an, seals and outside slip ring, inner slip rings sliding surface convex, outer slip ring of the plane concave, there is a rubber ring between the two abutment surfaces, outside slip ring fixed to the roller box, not only by rubber seals in contact with the inner slip ring, but also on the roller shaft acts as a load-bearing role. High-speed wire rod production, roller shaft rotating at high speed using the external slip ring has a high material requirements, and high-speed rotation of the rubber ring and the outer surface of the slip ring intense friction, it will accelerate the outer slip ring, in particular its slip surface losses and reduce the life of the slip ring; if the external slip ring slip surface finish is not high, it will damage the rubber seals, reducing the life of the rubber seals, causing leaks roll box.

Cosmau to solve the above problems and to provide a high wire rod mill roll box wear slip rings, it is a high hardness, wear resistance of the slip ring, has a good water resistance. Mainly including steel base member and chromium oxide cermet layer, steel base member prepared for the high hardness steel, chromium plated metal-ceramic layer on a steel base member. The steel base member prepared for the high hardness steel, annular slip surface with grooves, chromium oxide cermet layer fired chromium oxide bonding ceramic particles made by plating the outer coating way slip ring slip surface recess tank, high-quality finish. The utility model is beneficial in that the slip ring provided appearance quality and internal quality are very high, since the base member is high hardness steel, sliding surface coated with chromium oxide cermet layer, which has high hardness, low coefficient of friction, wear characteristics; the same time as chromium oxide cermet layer finish, reduced wear and tear on the rubber seals improve the water resistance of the sealing device.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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