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Hot Oil Rotary Union

Speaking the hot oil rotary union, a lot of people are very strange. But its use has been constantly extended, including paper, oil, dry, leather manufacturing, textile machinery and other fields are in use, and its role recognized in practice, companies are also in use, so that their economic production progress.

Constantly pushing the market, the HTF rotary joint is constantly walked into various industrial enterprises, its high efficiency has been greatly used. Many companies are using it, but do not really understand it. What is the HTF rotary joint, what features it. Now let us understand it:

HTF rotary joint, is in a stable environment, the transmission of the high temperature of the fluid medium to the other connecting device, through the unique role of the material, to ensure the transmission of stability and seal. Its features are as follows:
First, the good sealing effect. Unique balanced seal, two joint mouth pressure on flat, thus reducing wear and tear on the joints of liquid fluid, greatly improve the sealing effect, ensure the rapid transfer of liquid fluid, improve the operation speed of the device, thus improving the work efficiency, promote economic development.

Second, the installation easier and faster to use. By using the gland, and with a screw, change the dancer gland sealing effect, and again sealed and balanced by screws. Extremely easy to use, greatly improving the working life.

Third, the hot oil rotary joint mainly made from high temperature material, and the use of ball-type seal structure, heat dissipation area. Selection of high-temperature parts, ensure use, will not be affected by the high temperature fluid.