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How To Choose A Suitable Slip Ring

In selecting the slip ring models, many times, we have according to their own requirements and installation space, installation dimensions, etc., select the appropriate slip ring, the choice of a slip ring, when we must first understand the basic characteristics of the product, parameters and functions effect. Also a slip ring, maybe there are many types, many specifications, we want to according to the size, operating environment and other factors to select the appropriate spare parts. Especially the slip ring products, it is very important because it may cause cannot be installed even lead to major production safety accidents, therefore, before installing the slip ring, choose a suitable slip ring is the primary task.

So, in addition to the above mentioned parameters, what are important parameters and characteristics it needs to pay attention to? Mechanical parameters are CNC machined dimensions and parameters for each component, slip ring mechanical parameters mainly channel number, operating speed, temperature, humidity, contact material, wire length, housing material, torque, and protection levels, etc.

Here we have detailed description to a few important mechanical parameters, and describes key issues to be considered during use, as well as mechanical parameters which affect installations? In mechanical parameters, the operating speed is very important, this mechanical parameter is essential when we choose the slip ring, as it affects the functioning of the whole device, such as high-speed conductive ring, the number of paths will be limited. So we choose the right slip ring, the need to weigh various factors to select the appropriate number of revolutions of the slip ring. Typically, the number of revolutions of the unit is min / r, transfer large current special slip ring.

Operating temperature is the slip ring at the lowest temperature and maximum temperature under normal working conditions, it is known, conductivity temperature and slip rings are closely linked, too low, could lead to the emergence of resistance of the conductive media is very big change, too high, will be cause some plastic parts to melt. In general, the slip ring at the normal operating temperature between -40 to 80 degrees.

Humidity also affect a very important factor in the slip ring mechanical insulation resistance, in high humidity environments, path apart too close, at a time of high voltage breakdown easily, causing a short circuit or a more serious accident, so moisture cannot too high, at the time of purchase, be sure to first to test equipment working environment humidity range, so as to avoid unnecessary production accidents. The same is true of high temperature, friction and heat, the high-speed rotation when the heat generated by friction can cause a particularly high contact material contact point temperature, if not resist high temperature, contact material is easy to melt. Electrical conductivity, contact the contact area is not too large, and therefore requires a very good conductive properties. Through hole slip ring with the world's advanced fiber brush technology, precious metal brush bundles with high-performance alloys, having good lubricity, low friction, no wear residues, low noise advantages, because the brush bundle composed of a plurality brush filaments can be maintained with multiple points of contact metal ring, thereby improving efficiency and reducing the conductive contact pressure.

Contact material on the performance of the slip ring plays a very key role, contact materials need to have several important characteristics, such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance and small resistance, when the slip ring needs 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, if wear is not good, it is easy to cause aging, damage and other phenomena, leading to poor contact, signal transmission is not smooth. The main application areas: industrial machines - machining centers, rotary table, heavy equipment, tower or cable reels, test equipment, packaging equipment, stacking machine, magnetic clutch, process control equipment, rotary sensors, emergency lighting equipment, robot exhibition / display equipment, medical equipment and so on. Only a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the slip ring mechanical parameters, based on the ability to select the most suitable product.

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