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Hydraulic And Electrical Slip Ring

Liquid slip rings and electrical slip ring are belong to rotary joint. The difference is: liquid slip rings are typically introduced into the liquid, gas and gas-liquid mixed transportation, etc., and electrical slip ring generally pass into the current, signals, etc., and now we have a detailed analysis of the difference between the two.

Liquid slip ring is mainly powered by power components (motor), the same slip ring as well. From the use, the liquid slip ring mainly transmission fluid and gaseous medium, the gas source and a source of fluid transfer from a 360 degree unrestricted movement of the shaft to a stationary member; slip ring is mainly transmitted current and electrical signals, will current or electrical signals transmitted from the rotating shaft to a stationary axis, common feature is the role of the transmission medium, is a commonly used industrial rotary joint.

From the structure analysis, liquid slip ring main include rotor, housing, bearings, seals, slip ring is made from the brush, the insulating film, conductive ring, shell, hollow shaft components. From the technical parameters, the liquid slip ring includes the number of channels, pressure, speed, temperature, electrical slip ring is mainly resistance, current size, voltage magnitude, number of circuits, speed, temperature. The most important quality performance of liquid slip rings and slip ring is fundamentally different, for the liquid slip ring, the most important is rotational speed and sealing technology, but for the electrical slip ring, the most important is the brushes carry current and brushes abrasion resistance as well as delivery reliability.

From processing technology and design also have a fundamental difference, the liquid slip ring general machining can be completed by all the accessories, but the slip ring in addition to machining, but also must have the injection mold.

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