Insulation Mandrel Slip Rings

Slip rings are precision relative rotational mechanism used in the power and signal transmission, slip ring mandrel is generally made of a metallic material. However, due to limited space, the gap between the conductive ring and the mandrel is very small and difficult to fill, if there are impurities, damaged wire insulation, and even the air humidity, etc., the insulation properties of the conductive slip ring will be greatly reduced or even guide through the entire slip ring device malfunction. When the slip ring in a liquid medium, such problems are more likely to slip ring insulation performance or conduction occurs.

Cosmau company to overcome the deficiencies of the prior tech and to provide a new type of insulated slip ring mandrel. Technical Solution is an insulating mandrel includes a mandrel shaft, the shaft body by a shaft front, middle and shaft rear body section, a hollow shaft body structure, a shaft body cavity is stepped shaft shape, the diameter of front shaft greater than the diameter of middle shaft and the shaft front middle connection with a protruding shaft of the retaining ring, the rear section shaft connected to the shaft body in the middle order together, body rear section axis was stepped shaft shape, insulation mandrel made of insulating material, the insulating mandrel using thermoplastic PEEK material. On the outer of circumferential direction of the front shaft opening with an annular groove, with at least one slot. With at least one lead wire trunking, which through the middle of the outer surface of the shaft body and the shaft body cavity on the middle of the shaft. Insulated mandrel slip ring, comprising a rotor portion and a stator portion, the conductive and insulating spacer ring alternately install on an insulating mandrel to form a rotor portion of the conductive slip ring; conductive and insulating ring alternately mounted in the base of the slip ring brushes stationary rod and the tension spring constituting the stator portion of the slip ring; provided bearing between the insulating mandrel and the slip ring base, slip ring at one end is connected to the end cap. Rotor portion welded wire, the lead wire through the wire trunking of insulated mandrel piercing insulation mandrel.

Insulation mandrel slip ring from the fundamental solution to the insulated problem of conducting rings and slip ring shaft, which is the most common problems, to solve this problem can greatly improve a reliable slip ring , thereby improving the reliability of the slip ring where equipment, especially in the precision equipment. Insulation mandrel slip ring of the present technology, no other insulating material between the conductive ring and the mandrel, insulating spacer design is more simple, make the production process more simple, slip ring size can be reduced.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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