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Large Through Bore Slip Ring

Large through bore slip ring, is a special slip ring, due to customer installation aperture is too large, it can only use the special large through-hole slip rings. Such slip ring with an aperture is too large, the production difficulties, high cost, low speed and other characteristics.

Large through-hole slip rings generally belong to special custom slip ring, the production costs of this series slip ring is very high, for example, a slip ring through hole 300, there is no criterion in the selection of basic parts, a copper ring through hole 300, generally requires customization, so the cost of materials and processing costs will be relatively increased, there is a series of housing, wire brush, bearings, machining and assembly costs are high; due to the large volume of slip ring, during assembly generally we need the help of auxiliary equipment, simultaneously with the completion of many people.

Large through-hole slip ring widely used in drilling platforms, winding machines, amusement equipment, port machinery. Large through-hole slip ring to be considered, the bearing of tolerance, since the pore size is too large, the bearing is relatively increased, so the overall weight of the product will increase a lot. One of the factors is the strength of the slip ring must be considered. Large through-hole slip ring brush pressure problem, the general slip ring can be used ordinary filament structure, but the face of the large through hole slip rings, brush elastic yarn itself may fail, then we have to use other structures to ensure contacts stability. Large through-hole slip ring concentricity is also crucial, how to ensure concentricity of the slip ring directly affects the life and stability of the slip ring.

For large through-hole slip rings, Cosmau company has a wealth of manufacturing experience in material selection, fabrication, assembly and has been the formation of a standardized production processes, if you have needs in this regard, please feel free to contact cosmau engineers, they will f design a unique solution for you.