Technical Support

Maintenance and installation of rotary unions

Rotary Union installation
1. Avoiding collision and fall during handling and storage the rotary joint, in case of damage to the interface and internal parts.
2. Concentric install to ensure the good functioning of the rotary union.
3. When install the threaded connections rotary joint, you should pay attention to the inner and outer tube is threaded to the direction of rotation of the corresponding drum, and threaded to the inner and outer pipes should also be consistent.
4. The connection between the rotary joint and the pipe, you must use a hose, rigid connection is not suggestion.
5. The entrance of rotary joint directly connected with the hose, to relieve joint auxiliary weight and prolong life.
6. Assembly, pay attention to the size and weight of the inner tube with auxiliary support. With the inner tube and fitting within the rotating joint recommended H8 / e7 of tolerances.
7. The rotary joint rotation stopper should be proper, generally rod diameter should be 2mm smaller than the rotation preventing hole, so as not to affect the free adjustment and compensation of the rotary joint.

Customers can set a variety of different types of connections in accordance with a specific structure.

Maintenance of the rotary unions
1. It should be kept inside the drum and pipe cleanly. Especially for the new equipment, you can add a filter if necessary, to avoid abnormal wear damage the seals.
2. Due to long-term not use can cause the rotary union internal scaling and rust, please note there will be card dead or leakage occurs when re-use.
3. With oiling device, you should add it periodically, to ensure the reliability of the rotary joint.
4. The fluid medium of rotary union should gradually warm to avoid abrupt changes in temperature.
5. Check the wear condition of the sealing surface and thickness changes, observed the sealing surface friction track, to see whether there is scratch and other issues, if above situation available, should be replaced immediately.
6. The rotary joint should be gently, outside impact is prohibited.
7. Never leave foreign matter into the internal of rotary connectors.
8. Long idle is not suggestion.