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Miniature Slip Ring Production Methods

Slip ring relative rotation by sliding contact between the conductive rings and brushes to transmit electrical signals and power, it is an electromechanical device, also known as electric rotary connector. Slip ring is mainly composed of conductive rods, brushes and other component parts. Conducting rod composed of slip ring shaft, conductive ring and an insulating layer between the conductive ring. According to the conductive rods forming method, can be divided into laminated slip ring, the overall Glue slip rings and slip ring electrochemical deposition of three structural forms. Conventional slip ring axially laminated insulated conductive ring between the sheets of insulating sheet to achieve, radial positioning and radial insulation between the conductive ring sheet and slip ring shaft via add a layer of insulation between the shaft and the conductive ring to achieve. The disadvantage is that the thin-walled insulating sleeve processing difficulties, the insulating sleeve increases the slip ring radial dimension, at the same time, the use of thin-walled insulated sleeve can only open groove in the slip ring shaft, thus reducing the stiffness of the shaft.

Cosmau to overcome the deficiencies of the prior tech, provides a significantly reduced slip ring radial dimension, in addition, since it is possible to set located at different position of the shaft to improve the slip ring shaft stiffness. The technical solution is a radial insulation laminated conductive slip ring, the outer surface of the slip ring shaft semi-finishing, coating thickness reservation of 0.15 ~ 0.3mm, electrically conducting ring and the insulating sheet at intervals along the shaft of slip ring, The brush which mounted in the brush carrier close contact with the conductive ring, brushes composed of U-shaped brush filaments, brush holder mounted on the sleeve, slip ring shaft between the sleeve of the rolling bearing, slip ring shaft and sleeve relative rotation, to achieve multi-channel transmission of electrical signals relative rotation between the components by electrically conducting sheet Lead and brushes Lead, electrically conducting ring lead trunking segments, sub angle provided on the slip ring shaft, wherein the mounting surface of the slip ring shaft electrically conducting sheet and the insulating sheet section sprayed with polymer insulation material Teflon, or a crystallized glass ceramic, high temperature and then cured at 200 ℃ ~ 350 ℃ conditions processing, spraying high-molecular insulating material with high temperature curing treatment for 2 to 5 times alternately, and then be finished grinding, turning or finishing, in order to ensure the slip ring shaft and electrically conducting sheet insulation.

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Cosmau was a technology-oriented, specializing in high-end slip ring of high-tech research and manufacturing enterprises,a strong technical team and R & D investment, and nearly 20 years rich experience in the industry, always maintain the industry leading position, to become the provider for ultimate scheme of various high-end, complex demanding of slip rings.

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