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Miniature Split Transmission Slip Ring

At present, the power transmitting device used at home and abroad there are two main types of power transmitting device, one is fiber optic transmission, the other power transmission means is a ring. The former is non-contact transmission, high reliability, but only for signal transmission; the latter is a contact-type transmission, inevitably produce abrasion affect contact reliability, but ring transmission means can be used for signal and power transmission. For ring transmission apparatus, there are two structural form of closed-stack-mounted transmission device, and the other one is integrated multiplexing transmission apparatus. Closed stack-mounted transmission apparatus for the plastic pressure piece brush holder, the presence of high temperature deformation, the structure is difficult to ensure accuracy, and a closed configuration, difficult to observe and debugging, while, in the long-term accumulation of excess was easy, but also easy to repair and cleaning, affect transmission reliability; compact integrated transmission unit structure, suitable multiplexing, but make it difficult and costly. In addition, the above two slip ring transmission means leads all by hand soldering technology, welding consistency is poor, low reliability.

Cosmau to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, to provide a suitable 15 way within the power transmission device, the structure is simple and can simultaneously transmit signals and power split open miniature power transmitting device. The utility model technical solutions are open mini split power transmission apparatus comprising a brush assembly and conductive rod, brush assembly and conductive rod is a sub-structure; wherein the brush assembly includes a ceramic frame, insulation baffle, brush holder, screw, wire brush; conductive rod includes a mandrel, slip ring, slip ring leads; positioning groove on the ceramic skeleton processing, wire brush is placed in the positioning groove of the baffle and through the insulating adhesive glue, forming a ceramic matrix components, ceramic skeleton assembly screws by positioning the brush holder; set lead and welding groove slip ring, the slide ring in the welding wire welding tank; pass between the slip ring and the mandrel potting positioning.

Advantages of this technology are: (1) using split structure for visual installation, the relative position of the adjustable brush assembly process and the conductive rod so precise alignment of the wire brush and slip ring; (2) the use of open structure, the contact is not easy to wear particles accumulate, while conducting inspection and cleaning rod and wire brush convenient, help to improve transmission reliability; (3) a machinable ceramic molding brush isolation structure, easy to ensure the relative position of the brush filaments, brush isolation groove has a guiding role, brush easy to distort, to ensure transmission reliability; (4) implementation of the electronic spot welding slip ring leads for mechanical melting solder, solder bearing capacity, stable quality and reliable high; (5) the use of wide and narrow slip ring with double, single brush filament structure, to achieve a four-point contact redundancy, without increasing the volume of the transmission device, to achieve a multi-redundant power susceptible to interference Yu, improving transmission reliability; (6) brush pressure easily detectable, assembly is easy disassembly and repair.