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Multifunction Slip Ring Production Methods

Currently, the market structure and function of slip ring products are relatively simple, in structure generally includes a mandrel and the housing, a mandrel with a plurality of sets of conductive rings, each conductive loop as a signal channel, between the housing and the mandrel have slip ring brushes, conductive ring and slip ring brush contact to achieve signal transmission between the rotary joint. The prior slip ring products can only be used for transmission of electrical signals some ordinary, when demanding the weak signal, high voltage signal and large current signal will be a serious signal interference in the same slip ring hybrid transmission, caused a certain impact on the performance of each signal transmission, especially for some high-speed digital signal or high frequency analog signal, it is powerless. And, to real-time monitoring slip ring-related parameters such as speed, angular acceleration, relative position, angular displacement, single function slip ring must be monitored by assembly corresponding rotary encoder. But the life of the rotary encoder is short, and easy to damage, the parameters required when installing high. The emergence of these conditions for the use of slip rings gave cause problems.

The technical problem to be solved by the slip ring is signal interference against existing slip ring at the various signals generated mixed transportation and slip ring assembly on the need for additional monitoring of the rotary encoder problem, Cosmau provides an isolation the effect is good, strong anti-interference, multifunctional slip ring having an encoder function. To solve the above problems, a versatile technical solution is the slip ring, comprising a mandrel and a housing disposed outside the mandrel, the mandrel provided with a plurality of sets of conductive ring, each conductive loop as a signal channel, and the housing accommodate between mandrel has a slip ring brushes, the mandrel ring also has a coding, coding ring annular conductor, has a number of recess on the outer circumference of the ring-shaped conductive body, recess portion an insulating block is made of an insulating wear-resistant material, the concave portion of the insulating block interference fit; the signal outside the signal path of each channel shielded electrical isolation of the shield. A housing made of a metal material, electrical shield is a circular metal spacer, a metal spacer provided on both sides of each signal path, a metal spacer is connected to the outer circumference of the housing, with the conductive ring is connected to the inner circumference. The electrical shield consists of two circular metal spacer and a metal circumferential surface forms a ring groove, the ring groove accommodates a signal channel, ring groove with the conductive ring is connected to the opening. With the spacing between the recess portion and the concave portion, the concave portion connected to the slip ring brush roll.

Compared to the prior technology, Cosmau with a new multi-functional slip ring with electric shield for each signal channel for signal shield isolation, isolating the cavity into a slip ring between the inner shaft and the housing a plurality of shield cavity to form a separate, independently of each transmission channel; meanwhile, multifunctional slip ring and encoder signal transmission function as a whole, within the slip ring is provided with a coded ring, on the outer circumference of the coding ring conductive region and insulating region spaced, the slip ring with simple structure and long service life.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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