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Technical Details Of Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

Product Description
Fiber optic rotary joint, also known as optical slip ring, light hinges, etc., using optical fiber as the data transmission medium, it mean transfer optical signal from a stationary to a rotating structure, and ensure uninterrupted transmission of optical signals. According to the number of channels a fiber optic rotary joint can be divided into single, dual and multi-channel optic slip ring, according to the use of optical fiber can be divided into single-mode and multimode. Compared with conventional electrical connectors, fiber optic rotary joint has the following advantages:
1. If choose optical signal transmission, no electromagnetic leakage, good sealing, anti-electromagnetic interference.
2. Non-contact transmission, no wear, long life, up to 10 million unlimited rotation, no friction, can be used in an explosive environment.
3. Bandwidth is far greater than the electrical connector.

Product application areas: Military, aerospace, industrial and protection of national or international security system submarine operating system, such as:

Signal transmission between subsea robot with control ship; a signal transmission between the radar antenna with onboard signal processing system; signal transmission rotating tower chariot between the console with the car body; the signal transmission between the welding robot and console; signal transmission between remote machines between input/output devices with consoles; the rocket missiles; rotating turret on the vehicle ; theodolite; submarine cable; material handling system.

GNF series single passage fiber optic rotary joint:
GNF series single-channel (single or multimode) fiber optic slip ring is a universal design. Now in volume production. Connector pigtail itself can be encapsulated, also can be M3/M2 connect with rotating or fixed part. Standard models are RPT, RFC and FST (pigtail package), socket type connectors have M2 / M4, and M3 / M4 and so on.

GNF series rotary joint have extremely low insertion loss and excellent return loss characteristics. The device can operate at very low temperatures. They can work in harsh environment, water proof and dustproof. Because of pressure compensation, it can work underwater.

GNF series multiple pass fiber optic rotary joint:
GNF series multi-channel fiber optic rotary joint providing multiple independent (3-12) fiber channel, which ensures the signal is not interrupted in rotating system.

This fiber optic rotary joint have a good return loss characteristics and high crosstalk, single-mode, multimode are available.