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Pancake Slip Rings Production Methods

The slip ring is present between the ring road plus insulating sheet, a piece of folded axially aligned, each ring is the same size of the ring road, commonly referred to as high column conductive ring. Column conductive ring with an increase in the number of rings and the axial size increases, and thus can only be applied axial space larger device. In addition, foreign conventional disc slip ring similar products by the two plates and a ring road brush holder plate of three parts, the upper and lower plates each having a ring road, the middle brush holder plate. Such metal contacts debris trail running ring produced readily accumulate on the ring road below the board, causing a short circuit between the ring road.

In order to overcome the existing column highly conductive loop requires a large space, the accumulation of debris caused a short circuit, Cosmau provided a pancake slip ring, the disc slip ring can reduce the height of the slip ring, so that it can be used in the limited axial space, and cannot produce wear debris accumulation, ensure the use of safe and reliable.

This pancake slip ring, which includes a ring road plate, brush holder plate and the mandrel and housing, ring road plate and brush holder plates are mounted on the mandrel; on the flat ring road plates arranged outward from the center, there are several circular ring road, the diameter of each circular ring road increased sequentially from the inside out, the ring road and ring road plates were fixed bonding, the ring road board is insulating, the ring road is a conductor; each ring road no contact and adjacent insulated from each other.

Pancake slip ring is perfect for limited space that needs transfer signal and power in the rotating system. 1, to reduce the height of the disc slip ring, it can be applied to products with a lower axial space, the existing column slip ring with increased number of rings and the axial size increases, this technology because it is circular ring road arrangement, thus increasing its number of rings, but increases the diameter of the axial dimensions remain unchanged, and can be widely applied to small axial space apparatus. For example, 20 rings, the axial dimension of 40mm; as with conventional column type structure, the 20-way required axial dimension 100mm; 2, do not produce wear debris accumulation, to ensure safety and reliability.

From the above and below a ring road board, a brush holder plates of two parts, compared with the prior art by two ring channel plate and brush holder plate composed of three parts, this slip ring cannot produce wear debris accumulation, so the above maintaining insulation between the ring road, not short-circuit, ensure the safe and reliable use.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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