Technical Support

Fabration and Application of Porous Slip Ring

Currently brush slip ring during use, between the noise, temperature, service life and electrical performance of the technology index has a contradictory relationship of mutual restraint and to ensure good electrical properties, it is necessary to sacrifice other technical indicators. Brush and commutator, high speed relative rotational movement between the slip ring friction noise and friction heat, while large current commutation spark accelerate brush and commutator, electrical erosion slip ring wear and reduce service life. In order to improve the service life, the need to appropriately increase the resistance of the brush and reduce the brush friction coefficient, while increasing the resistance, but also lead to increased calorific brushes, such indicators will not be guaranteed temperature, turn the temperature rises cause brushes, commutator, slip ring fever, the results exceeded allowable temperature is reduced after the life of the machine, while sacrificing electrical performance of some brush. To ensure that the electrical properties of the brush, it is necessary to increase the conductivity of the brush, which will lead to increase the coefficient of friction, reducing the commutator, slip ring life. High-speed relative rotational movement, friction noise is not allowed for high-end products, in order to achieve noise reduction by dipping the lubricant and improve the porosity of materials, the effect is limited.

Cosmau to provide a guaranteed electrical performance under the premise of integrated technical indicators, with noise, reduce the temperature rise function and good wear resistance of porous brush slip ring. It adopts the following technical scheme comprises a wire brush and brush body and the body fixed connection, wherein provided with a through hole in the brush body, through holes and communication holes through the bottom surface of the brush arc body of opposites. 1-20 through holes provided on the utility model in the brush body. The cross-sectional shape of the through hole is circular, elliptical, triangular, quadrangular, pentagonal, hexagonal. The through-hole cross-sectional area of 0.5-1.5mm2. Through the brush body with a plurality of cross-sectional shapes of the perforations, these brushes using face communication (ie arc bottom surface) and its opposite through holes, to disperse the noise propagation direction, increasing the noise propagation direction of the channel (like a firearm silencer principle), so as to achieve the purpose of noise reduction.

Due to the heat generated by frictional heat and brush resistance and commutator, slip ring relatively high speed rotary motion generated by the surface radiation, conduction cooling, the through-hole is equal to the brush settings to increase airflow inside the cooling channels, electrical brush away the heat inside the internal heat through air movement, so as to achieve additional cooling. Setting the through hole of the utility model, the relative increase porosity brush, and increase the porosity is suppressed spark increased, effective way to reduce erosion, thereby increasing the life of the brush. Usually in the use of motor brush will encounter problems such as life, temperature, noise, pollution and many other aspects.