Technical Support

Precision Electrical Slip Ring

Precision slip ring means to achieve the basic functions of the original rotation of the transmission, the transmission medium broader slip ring transmission structure is more sophisticated, more flexible.

Conventional slip ring brushes against using copper ring technology. It is generally limited to transport large currents, from the transfer process to see its friction produce large amounts of carbon alloy powder, require regular cleaning or replacement of the carbon brushes. In effect, because of the contact point transmission great friction, friction is not smooth, the resistance is not balanced, easy to heat, electric spark and other issues.

Due to the rapid development of modern sophisticated electronic and electromechanical products, the demand to slip ring is higher. Precision slip ring originally dedicated to the aerospace, military technology and other ultra-high-end, due to the development of modern electronic machinery, information technology, precision slip ring has also been widely used for civilian electrical machinery, electronic engineering, new energy and new technologies.

Rotational Speed
There are main two problems if rotational speed is too high, one is mechanical structural damage; there is a point of contact heat transmission problems. High quality precision slip ring can operate to 2000rpm.

Transmission Capacity
Precision slip ring can transfer the power, signal and other media. Therefore, transmission data rate, transmission capacity and other indicators are also basic performance of slip ring.

Protection Level
Preliminary water, sand, anti-oil protection precision slip ring is also a basic requirement, and the slip ring can top to IP 68, It must combine with the advanced sealing technology.

Some particularity industrial application of precision slip ring will have higher requirements, such as fire, explosion, corrosion resistance, high temperature, etc.