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Precision Slip Ring Processing Technology

Our precision slip ring processing technology with the development of science and technology has made great progress, conventional slip ring processing technology has been eliminated by history. New technologies such as precision, ultra-precision, high-speed, ultra-high speed and automation, digital slip ring processing technology has become the trend of development, and has been accepted by precision slip ring industry. In some areas, the application of these technologies have matured to the aerospace and weapons industries. The overall level of China's precision slip ring processing is not high, the processing of the measurement and inspection techniques need further improvement, research and personnel training and scientific research strength it needs to be further improved, in order to promote the development of slip ring processing technology.

Driven by computer and automation technology, slip ring toward highly automated manufacturing technology, precision ultra-precision, high-speed ultra-high-speed, automated, digitized direction, CAD / CAM technology will be widely used in machining industry, thus In scientific research, we must not only research products processing, such as CNC machining technology, OMS, automatic line, factory automation, etc., but also to conduct research on product processing methods, such as a variety of special cutting, laser processing technology, EDM processing technology.

Currently slip ring processing technology research should be focused on the principles of cutting, cutting optimization (such as optimizing the cutting process, the cutting device optimization, the use of the tool shape parameters of new cutting tool), cutting database build, appearance complex material cutting technology, research and development of new cutting tool systems, but also in the study of working conditions, automatic compensation, system failure prediction and diagnosis of investment in scientific research strength, and improve machining accuracy and product quality, thereby reducing the quality gap with import slip rings.

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