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Production and Application Of Slip Ring

Conductive ring is an industrial part, mainly for the rotation system, power and signal transmission in many mechanical devices, especially for automated machinery and equipment, often use to. If the 360-degree continuous rotation between two mechanical parts, but also need to pass a current, signal, slip ring is the best solution.

In the prior technology, slip ring conductive loop commonly used mold filling, the conductive ring is cylindrical; brushes commonly used way of securing a conductive wire, and the use of curved conductive wire. Although easy to machine cylindrical conductive loop, but it can not limit the brushes, the axial displacement may occur under the impact effect, resulting in failure, and easy to cause vibration noise. Since fixation reasons brush cannot arbitrarily increase or decrease the length of the larger processing difficulty bending type conductive yarn.

For deficiencies of the prior technology, cosmau provide an assembled conductive ring and brush plate and brush plate adjustable-length. The slip ring technology provides, including conductive ring, two parallel set of brush plates, brackets and two parallel set; two brushes and two baffle plates surrounded by a rectangular cross-sectional configuration of the through-hole; and the two ends of the two baffle plates are fixed to the brush holder; conductive ring through the through holes, both ends supported by bearings on the frame; slip ring by a plurality of conducting rings superimposed units, each the outer circumference of the conductive ring unit is provided with the V-shaped groove; each brush plate by a plurality of printed circuit board unit superposition of both sides of the printed circuit board unit for two brushes plates respectively corresponding fixed by gold-nickel wire connector; gold-nickel wire printed circuit board unit in contact with both sides of the V-shaped groove corresponding conductive ring unit. In addition, further comprising a dust cover, the dust cover and frame composition enclosed cavity, two brushes and two baffle plates located in a closed cavity. Compared with the prior technology, the conductive ring has the following advantages.

1, slip ring composed of several superimposed conductive ring unit, this slip ring without mold forming direct assembly, the assembly can be side edge to check the insulation and conducting cases, fully qualified before fixed, if unqualified the case can be re-assembled to ensure that the slip ring is not scrapped.

2, each conductive ring element outer provide V-groove, a gold-nickel wire on each printed circuit board unit are limited to conducting ring unit V-groove, thereby limiting the axial vibration of the brush plate , each gold-nickel wire and V-groove conducting ring unit has two contact points helps reduce noise and reduce contact resistance.

3, the conductive ring biggest feature is the use of the brush board PCB units, building blocks can be like playing the game, feel free to change the length of the brush plate; assembly linear gold-nickel wire on the corresponding printed circuit board unit, in a Root gold-nickel wire is not ideal, can be replaced individually at any time.