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The Reliability Of Slip Ring Contact

The most important of slip ring is contacted, firstly, slip ring in the structural design to ensure contact reliability, to ensure that all the lines on continuously, slip ring assembly is a slip ring body, precious metal contact points assembly, mounting bracket, several important components like ball bearings with the core, a large part of the design and manufacturing process will affect the wear life of the slip ring, conductive ring material is generally use copper, brass, silver or gold coin material, need multi-coated conductive ring surface precious metal material, decrease the impedance of the metal body in an instant can be quickly turned on the slip ring extended wear life and reduce electrical noise. To ensure the brush and the conductive ring full contact with the conductive ring has been designed to be "V" shaped ring groove slip ring contacts, in order to transmit signals and a current conduction, therefore, requires a brush of conductive properties of the material used to very good, elastic pressure on the slip ring of pressure should be appropriate to reduce the slip ring and shaking the eccentric deviation, wear resistance, low friction torque, easy to maintain. Also consider shielding, impedance matching, noise voltage.

Slip ring as a precision machinery parts, process directly determines the level of product quality is good or bad, experienced designers will use some of the common principles of design processing defects compensate, engineering design, often encountered what is the connection with an operation portion, slip ring biggest role is to ensure that the equipment is free to rotate when communicating, usually including power transmission, signal. Therefore, the manufacturing process is to take full advantage of the characteristics of the pre-3D modeling tools and simulation tools, the machining process issues are fully exposed and displayed, so that when you hold a good level design process for all aspects of the process lay behind basis.

Slip ring is a precision part, each process has strict operational requirements, worker attitude when working with the quality of the products also plays a vital impact. Such as: the quality of the insulation material may cause leakage and so on.

Material requirements are very strict, insulation, pressure resistance of the insulating material. Select the contact material, it must have good electrical properties, but also wear and corrosion. Some devices are outdoors, some places 30-40 degrees below zero in winter, summer and some working ambient temperature reaches 70-80 degrees, so, in the material selection and testing should take full account of these factors.

Voltage in a small slip ring connections sometimes thousands of volts, currents of hundreds safety, as well as a variety of complex signals, while over hundreds of lines, how insulation between the path, how the signal line is not interference each other. Definitely not an easy task, and this is the designer needs to carefully consider the place.

A designer, modeling is usually the first step. Processing, production processes determine the details of the slip ring quality, slip ring processing and production process, the preliminary design drawings, plans, paying particular attention to detail and craftsmanship key points.

To control the production of good quality slip ring, first to avoid mistakes in the design, in addition to the usual work carefully, the same time two or more review engineering drawings can also minimize the occurrence of errors. After entering production, each product should be the first piece after inspection by quality department personnel, the bulk of the production can be carried out, for each component of the slip ring item number, size, material, process installation, assembly requirements must be in strict accordance with the requirements of engineering drawings were. For example, slip ring bearing internal quality problems, it could lead to rotating ring true.

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