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The Stability And Reliability Of Slip Ring

Slip ring as a key component of automation equipment, its stability and reliability of the whole equipment reliability has a very close relationship, we can say the former determines the latter, so the quality of the slip ring for high-precision equipment is critical. Here make certain technical study shows slip ring reliability.

Slip ring its main technical parameter have insulation properties, anti-jamming performance, contact resistance and so on. Slip ring widely used in celestial navigation, optical tracking, optical measurement and optoelectronic devices, the paper above three problems, one by one analysis.

Insulating properties
For slip ring, of course, the bigger the better insulating performance, at least, the insulation resistance between the conductive ring is greater than the voltage without breakdown, or slip ring is easy to go wrong. Slip ring made of many rings, the distance between the ring as small as possible. It can be reality, but depends machined groove, more importantly, after potting to ensure dielectric strength rings. Radial size of the conductive slip ring is large, easy potting, and small size is difficult potting, the dielectric strength depends on formulation process and the insulation material.

Anti-jamming performance
As a slip ring transmission signals and microwave signals, interference do better, the more secure the reliability of data transmission, in reality, slip ring transmission dozens of different electrical signals, there are high voltage alternating current , high-frequency alternating current, has weak DC small signal, high current AC power, since the conductive ring in close proximity, the various signals generated interfere with each other in the transmission process, as well as electrostatic induction coupling, magnetic induction coupling and electromagnetic induction coupling. Therefore, good anti-jamming performance slip ring, you have to start from the above factors.

Contact resistance
Why should the contact resistance as a very important technical indicator? Because, if the slip ring contact resistance is too large, the current through the contact point temperature will rise a lot, even cause the wire brush and slip ring welded, while the contact pressure drop increase, which will affect the information transmission. Therefore, the contact resistance is as small as possible.
So, what factors would affect the size of the contact resistance? Mainly in the following factors:
1. Contacting material;
2. The contact surface of the contact form and pressure of contact.
Material should be good electrical conductivity, high melting point, high conductivity, temperature coefficient of resistance is small, with anti-curing, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosive gases and other characteristics. Of the wire brush requirements are relatively high, you can use a gold-nickel wire, but gold-nickel wire is expensive. Depending on the product's applications, you can use yellow wire instead.

The above three points, both for the customer or slip ring manufacturers, should be placed in a very important position, it can be said is the most important, the only way to guarantee the quality of slip ring, only do this well, then our various automation equipment is guaranteed.