Technical Support

Rotary Unions Installation Details

Rotary union is very important mechanical parts for connecting the transmission medium between the devices play a key role, it is not only focusing on the rotary joint maintenance during operation, at the time of installation, but also pay attention to the details, to avoid damaged、 leak or even scrapped because of installation errors.

1. Protect the seals and sealing surfaces. Rotary joint when in use, will be faced with temperature, pressure and speed tests, while there is a certain medium transport joint corrosion effect, which the sealing joints have very high demands. Generally use high temperature, wear and corrosion resistance of the graphite to create a seal or sealing surface, this material is susceptible to damage, so the transportation and installation process to seal parts of the strict protection.

2. The installation to ensure that the rotary joint with a fluid conduit to be at the same level, and pipe fittings to suit installation with mouth full, after the installation of both the tightness to be checked to ensure that the situation does not appear leakage.

3. When installed to control the good efforts to ensure the accuracy of the installation. When the rotary joint installation with pipe outlet, if it is casing installation, installation efforts as much as possible soft, do not install big efforts, rotary joint sealing structure destroyed; when using screw-installation, Be sure to pay attention to the rotary joint is connected to the left or right spin, check the operation state of joints after installation.