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Seals Tech Is Essential To Rotary Union

Rotary union is a high-speed rotary sealing part, the sealing performance for the rotary joint is the most important, if the rotary joint leakage, it means that the rotary joint seals of this large amount of wear has occurred or has been worn spindle, which are the two most important factors. Why is there such a wear, design structure and sealing structure is closely related to this situation, generally speaking, with the sealing pressure, high friction, it is easy to increase the amount of wear and tear caused.

Currently all domestic seal structure basically mechanical seal, mechanical seals may be a best way for up and down movement of the sealing member, but it is not the best for a rotary joint sealing method, the world's most famous sealing technology specialist SRS company made one of the most advanced rotary sealing technology, that is rotating dynamic seal. Such sealing structure is specialized for a variety of rotary axis design, the highest standards of performance and relevance. But with a good seal structure and sealing technology, sealing material is quite critical, if the sealing material is poor, even using the best sealing structure, it will also cause the seal does not wear, easy to damage, leaks, etc., so the material It is also a key factor in the rotary joint sealing performance. General primary sealing material Teflon, plastics, etc., these sealing materials are pretty good, but the most advanced sealing materials is not these, but the natural rubber processing through the seal, which seals both resistance wear, corrosion resistance, superior sealing performance, friction is small, with this seal with the most advanced design structure, can make the life of the rotary joint longer than domestic over several times, even 10 times. Cosmau company in order to compete with imported rotary union, has successfully developed a series of high-end rotary joint. High speed rotary joint, the speed can reach 8000rpm, high temperature rotary joint, the temperature up to 270 ┬░ C, high pressure rotary joint, the maximum pressure reached 15000psi, three special high-end products, long life, and can work in a very special environment.

Secondly affect the sealing performance of rotary joint is fit, it did not meet with high-precision, rotary joint prone to leakage. If interference with, it will increase the pressure, increasing the rotation axis of the negative pressure, but also improve the amount of wear, if the gap is too big so prone to leaks when rotation, so the best way is with the device according to the customer operating parameters effectively locate, produce the best rotary union for the customers, to meet customer requirements.