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Hydraulic Rotary Union Troubleshoot

Hydraulic machinery generally running in relatively harsh environments, hydraulic rotary union as an important parts in hydraulic system, often work in harsh environments, working long hours, often there will be failure of hydraulic machinery, due to a fault range widely, so we should understand the source of the hydraulic system failure, identify the cause of the failure, and remove. For hydraulic rotary joints, hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components to do the configuration work, establishing a method to check the state of equipment and repair records, establish a database, familiar with hydraulic rotary joint and troubleshooting methods of other hydraulic components, but also has some equipment management knowledge, in practice the application of modern science and technology for diagnosis.

Adverse lubricants used in the hydraulic system, resulting in the frictional force becomes large, air into the hydraulic fluid, the viscosity is too high, the cooler plugging, the hydraulic fluid is not clean, resulting in serious wear seal member occurs event of a leak, causing the speed of the actuator is not enough, or hydraulic components is not working.

Temperature is too high or too low is also a factor in the impact of hydraulic components work, when the viscosity is too high, it will cause oil plug, and sometimes a sharp rise in temperature, a sharp decline, the impact will affect the hydraulic rotary joint seals, easy cause aging, so proper oil temperature control is very important, to avoid hydraulic rotary joints, valves, motors and other precision parts premature wear and scrapped. Because the device is connected with the rotary joint misalignment, leading to the rotating swing, seriously affect the normal operation of the rotary joint, causing premature wear of the seal, leading to leakage.

Hydraulic system of hydraulic machine use, because of the work environment, improper operation, and other factors caused the fault, analyze and troubleshoot faults is very complex, so we should effectively use modern scientific diagnostic techniques, and also combine with experience to diagnostics, identify and forecast, diagnostics specialist nature, making troubleshooting intelligent. Establish and improve the troubleshooting database, fault information classification, coding, so you can quickly and easily query. Prevention in advance, or by modern intelligent instruments to measure, such as the use of hydraulic rotary joint torque measuring machine, according to the hydraulic rotary joint pressure, temperature, speed, noise, vibration, whether the medium is contaminated, torque and other physical properties analyzed, do online checking and fault prevention.

Hydraulic system maintenance purpose is to save costs, improve reliability, stability and performance machinery, with modern intelligent development, improve design intelligence, precision technology, networking and intelligent sensor technology, hydraulic rotary joints will be wider development space.