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The Seals Structure Of Electrical Slip Rings

Cosmau provides a low-cost, suitable for multi-cable, cable specifications variable, and multiple entry (either a single cable disassembly, but also multi-cable and a cable connector with unified disassembly ) for the slip ring seal structure.

Technical solutions are as follows: The structure of this slip ring seal, including slip ring bottom shell, the slip ring shell has a central line holes, provided with cable seal assembly line hole in the middle of the slip ring bottom shell, the cable seal assembly includes a cover, under cover, provided with a cable between the cover and the lower cover gaskets, cable seal assembly axially opened a cable hole. At the same time through the screw connection between the cover and lower cover, when tighten the screw the upper cover and under cover compression seal between the cable so that the cable seals each cable to generate enough force to hold fast, realization of cable perimeter seal. Bottom inside of the slip ring is provided with a compact, with a housing seal between the compact and the slip ring, the housing cover the gap between the upper cover gasket and the bottom shell inner gasket of slip ring.

On the basis of the aforementioned cable sealing assembly structure, this structure is provided inside the bottom shell has a compact slip ring seal and housing, the aim, since the seal between the cable assembly and the slip ring cover engaging the bottom case exists surface, in order to prevent oil, water, and high humidity, high salt, such as air infiltration from between two joints, by tightening among the screw clamps and cable connector assemblies and slip ring bottom shell seal, realization seal between upper cover and the slip ring bottom shell, which is seal between compact and slip ring bottom shell. So as to achieve in the case of multi-cable through to ensure that the complete seal of slip ring bottom shell through the cable seal assembly and structure of the seal. And this simple structure, easy disassembly, easy to slip ring maintenance. Bottom outer end of slip ring fixed to the connection flange, the inner ring of the connection flange seal with the outer ring of the lower cover, wherein said connecting flange is provided with a flange seal.

In this configuration the outer end of the slip ring is provided with a connecting flange, and added in the connecting flange with seals. In wind turbine slip ring, slip ring bottom shell usual connect with the low-speed shaft via a connecting flange, requiring between hollow low speed shaft and slip ring base can be connected to a plurality of cables with different specifications and provide a seal, when the outer end of the slip ring through the connection flange to connect with the fan low speed shaft integrally, to tighten bolts between the bottom shell and fan low speed shaft, the compression of the structure set in the flange ring, the connection flange and slip ring bottom shell, connecting flange and fan low speed shaft are sealed, enabling the slip ring and hollow fan low speed shaft seal on the outside the whole system.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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