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Slip Ring In Generators

Motor and other equipment normally used brushes, slip ring contact conductive, electrically conductive connection is achieved rotation axis between the device and the device. Using conventional slip ring is a closed ring configuration package on the rotary shaft, however, for some special installation environment such as operating space is small, the rotary shaft fixed at both ends, etc., then the slip ring is mounted on the rotary shaft It becomes very difficult. Utility model overcomes the above disadvantages of slip ring provides a simple structure, and a rotating shaft assembly firmly separate slip ring.

Cosmau solving the technical problems taken scheme is a separate slip ring, includes a spindle and turn the brass ring on the shaft sleeve, insulating sheet and bezel, the circumference of the spindle consists of at least two parts, an outer circumference is provided with an axial groove, the copper rings, insulating sheet, the circumference of the baffle is composed of two parts, respectively, and are provided with recesses and projections on the spindle corresponding to the axial direction on the inner circumference edges. On the outer circumference of the baffle is also provided with a tight hoop, hoop circumference of the tight also consists of at least two parts. It may be a connection between the two parts of the spindle fixed to each other by the fixing piece, copper rings, insulating sheet, the convex circumference of the inner circumference of the baffle edges of two adjacent portions may be put together. Tight hoop, baffle and the corresponding position on the circumference of the spindle can provide with a screw hole. The brass ring and the insulating film can be arranged in a plurality of spaced, spindle, copper rings, insulating sheet, the circumference of the baffle can be split in half by the two parts separately.

Spindle, copper ring, insulating sheet and the circumference of the bezel are respectively detachable two parts, can be mounted to the rotating shaft respectively, in the narrow or closed and other special circumstances, it is possible to successfully install. Further, by confining the baffle ring to be fixed, radially biased to the center, so that between the spindle and the rotary shaft can be more closely integrated, ensure that the entire slip ring can be reliably fixed to the rotary shaft.

About Cosmau
Cosmau was a technology-oriented, specializing in high-end slip ring of high-tech research and manufacturing enterprises. Company brings together a group with more than twenty years of development experience in multiple disciplines machinery, materials, science and other fields of electrical contact senior R & D team and efficient management personnel, a strong technical team and R & D investment, and nearly 20 years rich experience in the industry, always maintain the industry leading position, to become the provider for ultimate scheme of various high-end, complex demanding of slip rings.

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