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The Application Of Slip Ring Analysis

In the high-tech industrial equipment, the 360 degree unlimited rotation everywhere, in general, the device is rotated, the need for signal and power transmission, such as optical fiber signal, high-frequency signals, control power supplies. Any relative 360 ┬░ continuous rotation between electrical components transmission signals and signals must use the rotating connected device.

Slip rings, is an electrical component which responsible for conveying the signal and power for the rotating body. According to the transmission medium, can differentiate into electrical slip ring, fluid slip ring, fiber optic slip ring. Slip rings are typically mounted on the center of rotating equipment, mainly by the two major components of the rotor and the stator. Slip ring rely on clever movement structure and seal design, precision parts production with reasonable selection, which form a stable and reliable communication system of rotation. Just slip ring attached to the unlimited rotating equipment, can provide power and signals to the rotary body, the rotating body while do unlimited motion, but also for transmission of power and control signals.

Collecting ring is mainly used for high-current transmission, using carbon brushes against the copper ring technology. Disadvantages: because of the friction generated large amounts of carbon alloy powder, require regular cleaning or replacement of the carbon brushes. Due to the rapid development of modern sophisticated electronic and precision machinery products, precision slip ring emerged. It originally dedicated to aviation, aerospace and other ultra-high-end, now, it has been widely used for civilian sophisticated electronic and electrical equipment. Part series has been produced into general electric accessories.

Electrical slip ring, the most widely used in this industry, also known as brush slip ring, collecting slip ring, electrical rotating connectors, electrical rotary joint, dedicated to the continuous rotation of the unrestricted transfer power and signal. The stator and rotor parts are connect with wire leads, and rotates. Depending on its overall structure, divided into non-hole slip ring, hollow shaft slip rings (the slip ring is mounted on the rotating shaft), and the separation slip ring, pancake slip ring, mercury slip ring, special-slip ring and so on.

Slip ring, more use to being versatile, high-performance, high-precision, multi-continuous rotation of high-end industrial electrical equipment or sophisticated electronic equipment, such as: aerospace equipment, radar communications equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, metallurgical equipment , mining equipment, cable equipment, play equipment, display equipment, smart cameras, crystal furnace, robots, revolving door, measuring instrument, wind power, and other special vessels. Slip ring provides reliable power and signal transmission solutions for these complex electromechanical devices.

Cosmau slip ring can also be produced according to usage in a variety of special shape, the hybrid transmission power, light, fluid pressure source, or in combination with other electrical components fitted to use, combined into a versatile electrical equipment, in order to save space, simplify the design structure.