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Slip Ring Applied In Wind Turbines

Cosmau to provide a power supply to the rotor slip rings, the rotor can be in a generator or motor rotation relative to the stator and the rotor is connected with an encoder, the slip ring assembly includes at least one slip ring unit and is connected to the slip ring unit of the encoder shaft holder, the encoder shaft is located in the encoder shaft holder. In addition, the utility model relates to such a generator slip ring assembly of wind turbines and wind turbine factory.

Wind turbines in windy conditions by the wind turbine blade wind-driven generator into electricity. In some of the wind turbine, the generator includes a stator and a rotor polyphase winding, such as double-fed induction generator, cascade regulating generators, asynchronous or synchronous generator or DC generator. When the rotor relative to the stator of the generator is rotated, the current is transferred to the rotor or transmitted outward from the rotor. Current can make use of a conductive slip ring (rotary electrical connector, the electrical rotary joint) is transmitted, so that the rotor can rotate relative to the stator to receive or return current. When the rotor has a multi-phase windings, inside the wind turbine control system can adjust the frequency, so that the wind turbine generating a predetermined frequency, such as about 50Hz. In order to control the magnetic field within the generator, slip ring unit may be provided with a shaft encoder connected to the slip ring unit because the current transfer to the rotor or away from the rotor, the shaft is electrically insulating, so that the encoder will not be current from the slip ring unit destroyed by transfer. This insulation is accommodated by plastic insulation to provide a first axis, and the insulating shaft is inserted into the encoder. Thus, the encoder is not destroyed by the current.

Prior tech solutions dedicated insulating member has an independent effect, so that the encoder will not unintentionally be a current transmitted from the slip ring unit damaged. The encoder shaft is fixed to the slip ring assembly portion is substantially made of metal, which is due to such a holder and also plays a role in the ground. However, in production, make sure the outer diameter of the plastic shaft with respect to the encoder to keep within allowable dimension tolerance is very difficult, with the result that the encoder cannot count the actual number of rotation of the rotor.