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The Common Faults Of Slip Rings

So far, electrical accessories has developed into a complete product varieties, species rich specifications, structure type and diverse, professional bias subdivision, industry characteristics distinct, serialization and specialized product specification system standards. Motor Accessories features: high-speed transmission and digital transmission integration, product miniaturization and volume miniaturization, low cost products, module combination, plug and so convenient. Above represents the development direction of the motor skills fitting skills, but need to be clarified: The above skills are not all motor parts are required.

Collecting slip ring, its role is to lead the three-phase winding through the brush and the outer circuit. The common faults are: work surface wear, damaged insulation, loose fit, high temperature and so on. The reason is as follows:
After collecting ring work surface wear, there will be spots, brush marks, rugged, corrosion, burn, crack, become oval, metal peeling and other defects.
The reason: within the brush containing the adhesion between the hard abrasive particles or brush and conductive ring working surface, or collector rings poor manufacturing quality.

Collector ring and plastic with loose
The plastic collector ring is pressed plastic fibers 4330 phenolic pressed together with three copper rings a whole, the use of slip rings, due to plastic shrinkage, cracks and the like, resulting in loose slip rings.

Collector ring working over temperature
The reason is: collecting ring and brushes poor contact, the contact area is too small (less than 70%), leads the current density is too large; the brush pressure is too small or too large, can cause the collector rings and brushes poor contact, thereby resulting in collecting ring operating temperature is too high.

Collector ring insulation damage
In the small wound rotor induction brake motors, the general assembly of two ring-type collector and slip ring. In use, since the insulating sleeve aging, collecting ring loose welding lead to poor contact local overheating, conductive rod insulation tube damage, brush box displacement, resulting in mechanical damage and thermal damage. There are plastic collector ring, since the plastic brittle cracking, brush wear falling toner and oil into the cracks, or toner buildup between the collector ring, leading to the breakdown between the conductive ring.