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Anti-interference Of Slip Rings

Slip ring transmission dozens of different electrical signals, high-frequency alternating current, high voltage alternating current, high current AC power, weak DC signal, since the distance between the conductive ring very close, a variety of signals in the transmission process of mutual interference. Various disturbances seriously affect the accuracy of information transmission. Signal transmission process produces electrostatic induction coupling, magnetic field inductive coupling and electromagnetic induction coupling.

Interference caused by electrostatic induction coupling
Such interference is due to the distributed capacitance of the capacitor between the rings and the lead wire caused, by electrostatic induction voltage and frequency sources of interference generated, related to the two capacitor size. When the interference source is a high voltage, low current, mainly electrical interference, can be use field shielding to reduce the interference. Specific additional interference shield conductor, the shield grounded at one end.

Magnetic interference generated by inductive coupling
Because the lead wire and conductive ring in close proximity, the rings close distance. When alternating current is passed, mutual action so mutual inductance voltage generated adjacent wires and rings, that interference voltage. When the interference source is a low voltage, high current, the magnetic interference magnetic shielding should be used, magnetic shielding major inhibitory magnetic coupling interference, shielding of low frequency magnetic fields often used ferromagnetic material having a high magnetic permeability. Shielding the high frequency magnetic field may be a low resistivity conductive material and grounded while the ends of the shield conductor.

Electromagnetic interference / mixing interference of electric and magnetic fields
When high interference source voltage, high frequency, electromagnetic shielding, conductive material can be used for shielding, which can interfere with electrical interference and magnetic shielding the same time play the role. "No interference information transmission device" to do is to use a conductive material shielding conductive slip rings. We will produce signal interference sources rings be shielded by shielding ring. At the same time through a ring of small signals are shielded by shielding ring and output wire with shielded wire, wire brush holder input also shielded wire, and all the lines are shielded and connected to ground through the brush holder. Ring up and down using the installation in the form of shield to reduce interference, the structure is more complex, bulky, at space permits should be the main source of the installation of interference shielding ring.

Current and voltage mutations cause interference
Input signal in the switching process, because current and voltage mutations cause interference. To reduce such interference, filters can be installed in the vicinity of the switch, to minimize interference voltage into the lead slip rings.

Fluctuations in the value of current and voltage interference
When transferring large current or large voltage, because current and voltage values are some fluctuations, spikes formed in the wire, resulting in interference. Interference can be caused by a surge suppressor surge to reduce. To take such measures, can reduce electromagnetic interference of slip rings.

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