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Rotary Slip Ring In Crane

Currently, in the crane work, sometimes need continuous rotation, needs power and signal transmission from stationary parts to rotating parts, then wires need to be connected up to the rotating member, the rotation angle is too large will cause the wire wound, not only resulted in rotation angle is limited and when the wound too much will affect the normal use, very inconvenient, at this time the need for a rotary slip ring, to simple, safe and smooth transfer of power and signals to ensure the normal operation of the crane.

To solve the above problem of rotating power transmission, Cosmau companies in order to avoid the above problems and to provide a 360 ┬░ rotary slip ring. Technical solution adopted is an unrestricted electrical slip rings, comprising collector ring mechanism and brushes agencies; collecting ring mechanism includes a mandrel and a collector ring, the mandrel provided in the head of column axis, collecting ring by a flat key provided on the mandrel; Brush structure including brush body and brush holder, brush body disposed on the carbon brush holder, carbon brush holder provided in the rotary arm; the collector ring mechanism and brushes agencies connected with the cable wire, carbon brush body and the collector ring rotary connector, carbon brush body and the copper ring contact, three brush body corresponding three copper rings. After the above-described structure, the conductive copper rings by the elastic pressure ring in sliding contact with the carbon brushes to transmit electrical signals and currents, thus completing the control loop to achieve unlimited arm 360 ┬░ continuous rotation, not only a good solution for the wire wound and broken when rotating, but also by providing a plurality of contact surfaces to increase the contact area and improve the stability. It has a simple structure, easy maintenance, safe, reliable and efficient.

But with the recent downturn in the real estate industry, crane slip-ring market also received a serious impact. Reduce people's housing demand, also means reducing the use of cranes, and as one of the important parts of the crane, the market demand is also reduced.

But from another angle, this is the best time to improve the performance of such a slip ring, because of diminishing demand for the manufacturers of certain development time, prepare for the recovery of crane industry in the future.

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Cosmau was a technology-oriented, specializing in high-end slip ring of high-tech research and manufacturing enterprises,a strong technical team and R & D investment, and nearly 20 years rich experience in the industry, always maintain the industry leading position, to become the provider for ultimate scheme of various high-end, complex demanding of slip rings.

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