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Slip Ring In intelligent Dome Camera

In the field of security monitoring, intelligent dome camera systems can achieve 360 ┬░ blind spot within the full range of monitoring, via presets, track scan, guard, patterns, alarms, etc. to achieve a more intelligent surveillance dome camera systems security monitoring areas has been a wide range of applications. 360 ┬░ rotating monitor and implement a number of smart functions must be achieved through the slip ring apparatus; conventional slip ring only electrical transmission, video and control signals instability due to contact resistance, resulting in reduced reliability of the transmission signal, interference reduce, dome camera systems due to the impact of factors slip ring, fast transfer rate and bit error rate is difficult to raise, only to transmit ordinary analog data signals and electrical signals, can not be transmitted high-definition digital signals.

Cosmau company is to provide an intelligent dome slip ring systems, intelligent ball-type camera system more reliable, high-speed data signal transmission, to overcome the prior tech is unable to transmit high-definition digital signal defects. Slip ring using the following technical solutions, including a stator, a rotor mounted within the stator, the wire harness and slip ring connected to the rotor, the rotor and slip ring contact brush, the brush under the harness connections, wherein the lower portion of the stator is fixed under the fiber bundle, the central axis of the rotor is fixed on the fiber bundle, with a gap between the optical fiber and coaxial focus beam and lower fiber bundle. By adopting the technical scheme, the slip ring dome camera system, on the one hand be powered by a wire to transmit electrical signals to the smart dome and sports organizations, on the other hand to achieve image and instructions transmission through the optical fiber. With this opto-electric hybrid data transmission mode, with anti-interference ability, higher data transfer rates, lower error rate advantages, to meet the security surveillance dome camera high definition digital signal transmission system needs.

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