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Large Dirmeter Slip Ring In The Fire Trucks

After the actual fire fighting job, especially in summer, often encountered slip ring in the middle of the water condensation cause the vehicle electrical disconnection between the rotary table or unreliable, leading to abnormal operation of the entire vehicle, not only can not meet the actual fire It needs, but also may lead to vehicle accidents.

Cosmau for the lack of the prior art, provides an integrated high insulation characteristics fire truck with large diameter slip ring. Technical solution to achieve the above object is used: the integration of large diameter high insulation characteristics fire with slip ring, comprising a conductive copper rings, epoxy glass cloth laminates, epoxy filler closure, wire slots, epoxy glass cloth laminated tubes and wires. Wire groove located epoxy glass cloth laminated tubes formed cavity and connected to the wire. A plurality of conductive copper ring fixed to the outer wall of the pipe epoxy glass cloth laminated, with epoxy glass cloth and epoxy laminates closed between respective conductive ring.

The utility model by a simple split conductive ring assembly into glass cloth epoxy composite pipe with epoxy glass cloth board processing, the formation of a whole through the combined effect of epoxy resin and a curing agent. Wherein the conductive ring mosaic, and then processed into a desired size unique manner, with the power supply and various signals in the upper and lower plant for uninterrupted transmission, and have the ability to limit the rotation of 360 degrees on and off, in particular Room location is large diameter pipes. The utility model has the following features: 1, high barrier properties, moisture can reach no effect on the slip ring standards; 2, high insulating properties, due to the use of H-grade materials are high voltage insulation between the ring, can withstand 2500V 1 minutes, much higher than the operating voltage of the electrical vehicle; 3, large aperture characteristics, the intermediate conductive slip ring can pass five inches or even larger pore size stainless steel pipes.