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Slip Ring In The Gantry Crane

Currently, many of the construction site, for various reasons, cannot fully replacement soft foundation. Mounted on soft ground gantry crane track and ground are easily deformed, then the gantry crane during operation, gantry and collector junction (commonly used angle iron and other fixed connecting device) are easily damaged in a slight deformation of the track, causing wire damage and other accidents, resulting gantry crane cannot run. Using angle iron and other fixed connection means the circuit, there are many problems: (1) track on soft ground and foundation slightly deformed, gantry crane is not working, ranging from damage or cannot contact wire, heavy wire burned big security risk; (2) required frequent replacement using a wire or replacement soft ground, causing the cost of a lot of waste, poor economy; (3) the high cost of angle iron itself, and increased construction costs.

Cosmau provides a soft, smooth wire gantry crane slip ring, which can solve the technical deficiencies that exist at present, soft connection, make gantry crane on soft ground is not damaged can run freely sliding wire, eliminating the security risks. To achieve the above purpose, the following technical scheme gantry slip soft wire connector, comprising slip ring fixing lever, mounted on the gantry, slip ring fixed pole installed slip ring, on the slip ring provided with steel wire rope, wire rope and the other end mounted on the subject by electrical appliances on the track connection. Advantage is that soft connection mode gantry and collector, which enables the position slip ring in the stationary rod make lateral movement, thus overcoming the deformation gantry crane rails and gantry crane and use rope to connect the collector, the rope can be adjusted up and down by electrical appliances its good contact with the slide wire, the above arrangement enables gantry crane on soft ground is not damaged can run freely sliding wire, eliminating the security risks, save a lot of manpower and material, the structure is simple and reasonable, and low production costs.