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Brush Slip Ring In The Generators

Brush generators generally consists of a solid conductor, use process requires the timely replacement of badly worn brushes, such solid carbon brushes can not in close contact with the generator slip ring, in brush and slip ring contact surface is easy access to the dust, increasing the contact resistance, contact resistance on the excitation voltage to share a lot, resulting in a large current loss, and easy to produce sparks of fire, which is deficiencies exist in the prior tech.

Cosmau is for the deficiencies of the prior tech exists, and to provide a dedicated brushes generator slip ring, this solution solved the shortcomings of the solid carbon brush, improved generator slip ring and brushes poor contact, the contact resistance larger phenomenon, reducing the excitation current loss and the accident rate generator. The program is realized by the following technical measures: the Generator Brush slip ring, comprising a rotor and a stator, a rotor mounted on a rotating shaft. Features of this program are: on both sides of the shaft generator rooms are provided with brushes, brushes chamber provided at the bottom there is a conductive liquid chamber filled with conductive liquid, brushes interior is also provided with a fixed slip rings on the shaft, the bottom of the ring is immersed in a conductive fluid, the slip ring inside the two chambers are connected to the positive electrode lead and a negative lead of the rotor windings. Brush chamber through the fixed support fixation on the generator. Both sides of the conductive fluid chamber with a splash ring, splash ring fixed to the shaft. The upper portion of the slip ring is provided with a guide cover splash, splash guide cover fixed brushes chamber walls. Slip ring through an insulating collar fixed to the shaft. Conductive liquid chamber is provided with an overflow pipe, the outlet is disposed outside the carbon brush chamber, it is a closed chamber with the observation hole.

Slip ring inside brushes chambers are connected to the positive lead and a negative lead of the rotor windings, and part of the slip ring is immersed in a conductive liquid, so that during rotation of the shaft, slip rings can be conductive, does not require solid carbon brushes, the slip ring is also provided with increased flow rim and concave ring, further increasing the conductive area, reducing the contact resistance; There are splash ring fixed to the shaft, so that when the slip ring rotates with the rotary shaft, to avoid splashing around a conductive liquid; conducting liquid Interior is provided with an overflow pipe, so that when the conductive liquid excessive, its can flow out along with the overflow pipe; the observation holes can easy to observe Brush indoor situation, provided with an insulating spacer on the inner wall of the brushes chamber bottom, when there is a conductive liquid spilled brushes indoors, insulating spacers can effectively isolate the conductive liquid and brushes chamber housing. Thus, the utility model as compared with the prior tech, having a substantive features and represents progress, the quality of its performance is obvious.