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Slip Ring In The Mechanical Industry

Slip ring is a key component for industrial applications, slip ring that has previously been used in advanced military field, with the application of slip rings are all aware, now more and more civilian areas also developed this products that can help solve the mechanical part of the unlimited continuous 360-degree rotation, wire should be connected to the rotating part of the winding up issue, better power and signal transmission, improve the operational efficiency of machinery and equipment. Precision slip ring is a small space, traces fairly dense parts, various signals are integrated into the slip ring, completely avoid interference between power and signals, signal and signal, and can prevent the outside electromagnetic interference. In recent years has been standardized, mass production, are widely used in security, factory automation, electricity, finance, meters, aviation, transportation, construction and electrical equipment.

Mechanical and electrical slip ring engineer said: the traditional mechanical, generally have thick, low efficiency, high energy consumption and other shortcomings, how to upgrade these devices to make it more compact, more efficient, more energy consumption, which is the goal of every mechanical industry workers. Slip ring is a new component for the traditional mechanical, the relative growth of the long history of traditional mechanical, slip ring was just a few decades of development history, and precision slip ring is only a decade or so. Cosmau electromechanical continue to promote and support the transformation of traditional machines to multi-functional, low-power technology, more efficient work. Here take a detailed look at a typical example.

Two months ago, our company and a famous oil press company, jointly developed a new type of oil extraction equipment, thermal energy utilization is increased, the same output, energy consumption decreased by more than 30%. Baking oil before oil extraction need for dehumidification, increase the oil yield. Traditional oil extraction machinery, baking in the outer periphery of the furnace, the electric heating device does not move, the furnace is equipped with oilseed kept turning, making uniform heating oil crops. This approach is first heated by the heating device hopper, hopper and then transfer heat to the oil-bearing crops, there is a large volume, low heating efficiency, grilled uneven material shortcomings, and oil crops inconvenience temperature measurement. The new machine uses our high temperature slip ring which special design for it, the heating device is placed inside of the furnace, which greatly improves the heating efficiency and reduce the cost.

Slip ring mounted on the rotatable shaft and locked, the stator portion connected to the power supply, the rotor lead directly connected with the electric wire, the electric wire with the rotor axis of rotation, along with a hopper containing oilseed axis of rotation, tumbling oil crops receiving an electric device direct radiation, convection, conduction, greatly increasing the heating efficiency. At the same time we add a temperature sensor in the slip ring, can accurately control the temperature inside the drum, in order to control the next job.

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