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Slip Ring In The Medical Industry

Medical equipment is an important symbol of the degree of modernization, the slip ring is a basic element of medical, research, teaching. But also the basic conditions to improve the level of medical science and technology, generalized medical equipment including medical equipment, home health care equipment, and professional medical equipment does not include home medical equipment.

At present, the development of clinical disciplines depends largely on the development of the instrument, even plays a decisive role. Therefore, the medical equipment has become an important area of modern medicine. Medical Equipment means alone or in combination in any instrument, apparatus, material or other articles, including software applications; and its role for the human body surface and the body is not science, immunological or metabolic means to obtain medication, but may have these tools participate and play a supporting role. In hospital, medical equipment can be divided into two categories, namely diagnostic and treatment equipment. Such as surgical shadowless lamp, CT machine, magnetic resonance imaging are belong to medical device. As we all know surgical shadowless lamp certainly not fixed dead, now mostly in the use of an arm, it can rotate freely unrestricted operation. Due to the 360 degree free rotation, but also need electricity, so it is bound to need a 360 degree unlimited rotation of accessories to match his operation, this accessory is that we all know "slip ring".

Slip ring applications in certain medical devices can be said to be the most important, it plays a very important role and is also essential. Meanwhile medical equipment for slip ring requirements is very strict, because earlier in many domestic famous medical equipment manufacturers have adopted the import slip ring. Now, with domestic slip ring technology continues to enhance, the slip ring has been adopted by most of people, so the application of slip rings on the medical equipment also will be replaced by domestic slip ring.