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Slip Ring In The Radar Industry

At the high end of military radar, aerospace, tanks and other equipment, machinery and equipment that is 360 °continuous rotation movement is very common, and power transmission is necessary in the rotating system, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy. Wherein the signal transmission is also required, such as fiber-optic signals, high-frequency signals. To ensure the continuous rotation of 360 °between the opposite electrical components feature stable transmission power, weak signals, optical signals, pressure, pressure, oil pressure and other different energy media, to ensure that electrical appliances in rotary motion can move freely , you must use the slip ring.

Many people may already know, the radar of the English original word actually like many scientific terms, is an abbreviation, literally radio, detection and distance. Although modern radar can not only target three-dimensional space for ranging and positioning, but will also make guided missiles to attack targets, but the basic principle is to use radio waves emitted and reflected by an object echoes measured object distance and direction, it is the medium of the electromagnetic waves detected the presence of an object, therefore, comes to the radar can not fail to be mentioned electromagnetic spectrum. From a purely military point of view, only to understand the electromagnetic spectrum, to be able to grasp the connotation of electronic warfare. As air radar is concerned, the greater the power, the greater the distance detection, and the ability to detect low-altitude targets are lower. There are many physical properties of electromagnetic waves, such as infrared material above absolute zero will radiate properties, Sidewinder is the use of infrared rays radiated engaged target its prey. Of course, it also has energy radiation and physical penetration, etc., which is worthy of our attention a higher frequency of electromagnetic waves, the shorter the wavelength. In military applications, radio waves of different frequencies have different specific purpose, and more than 10X12Hz then enter the field of radio frequency waves, the photovoltaic world began.

Radar is widely used in military and civilian fields, as accuracy and stability of the special nature of the application, the radar is very important, almost does not allow non-disturbance and failure, so that each component of the radar above must meet the high quality, long life and other requirements. Such customers in the purchase slip ring, must conduct field verification, and various qualification certificates must be complete.