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Instruction and maintenance of slip ring

At present, high performance slip ring is popular in all kinds of industry, its life and reliable is essential for the market. Simplified system structure is increasingly becoming the focus of industrial machinery and equipment, military, aviation and other mechanical and other rotary system, as the main components in rotary system, its become more and more important, but there are many users lack of maintenance knowledge about the slip ring, Cosmau will share some experience of this, and hope to be useful to you.

The slip ring assembly process
Customized Slip ring first requires completeness, correctness in the design, product design, process analysis of the structure of the product, a clear relationship between the slip ring assembly and installation of equipment. Second is to ensure the practical to improve the quality of it, so that improve their life. Finally, is the product parameter test, detection can better reflect the overall performance of slip ring, detects parameters include appearance, static contact resistance, dynamic contact resistance, insulation resistance, Dielectric strength and friction torque detection.

Slip ring material
In general, precision slip ring used the steel ring, copper ring, carbon. For like Turbo, as the main emphasis on high circumferential speed mechanical strength and abrasion resistance of collector ring, sometimes used forged steel. Collector ring and brush with, when the brush is too strong and abrasive material collector ring is too soft, the equivalent width of the ladder brush wear often occurs on the collector rings. Especially the high temperatures and low humidity totally enclosed motors, more likely to cause a brush or collecting ring excessive wear. When requested corrosion resistance of stainless steel can be used, but unstable sliding properties of stainless steel, and the brush is often a combination of inappropriate bouncing the brush, the brush is likely to cause a rise in temperature or abnormal wear, it must pay particular attention when using.

Operating speed and abrasive resistance
Slip ring itself with small torque, and rotate rely on mechanical equipment drive. Different structure have different maximum speed, so when using slip rings, the Machine operating speed cannot exceed its maximum speed, otherwise it will affect the life of the slip ring. In general cannot be sustained for a long time to work at the highest speed per minute, otherwise it will shorten the working life of the slip ring, if exceed the maximum speed, it will affect the reliable of signal and power, more serious cause signal distortion, it is easy to damage the slip ring.

The wear resistance of collector ring directly affects the life of the slip ring. Collecting ring of material requirements of mechanical strength, and is a good conductor of electricity, but also resistant to corrosion when in contact with the brushes slide, you must have abrasion resistance and stable sliding contact characteristics. In general, steel collector ring wear good, mechanical strength, and therefore mostly used because polar collector ring wear caused by the large difference between the synchronous motor.

Slip ring working environment factors
Although the life of the slip ring have a great relationship with the manufacturing technology and materials, but in a lot of time, the use of slip rings is correct or not also determines the life it, in general, slip ring life can be 5--10 years, on the contrary, if the slip ring for a long time in the humid, high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment, it will decrease the life greatly. So it is better placed in ventilation, away from heat, high pressure place, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and the operation of the normal maintenance of the equipment.

Except above factors, the current, voltage, number of channels and other reasons also will affect its life. Now more and more manufacturers, , so when we buy and use slip rings must look at the production date, parameter description and maintenance reports. Proper usage is the key point to prolong the life of slip ring.