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Slip Ring Material Requirements

Slip ring is also called rotary joints, unlimited rotation of its characteristics are able to transmit all types of media, slip ring is able to be rotated 360 ┬░, is mainly provided by the motor power, the current domestic slip ring at high speed environment, life is relatively short. In order to meet the international demand for advanced industries, it is necessary to produce high-performance prototype brush and slip ring material.

Which affects the life slip ring has a brush, concentricity, seals. The main function of the brush is abrasion resistance, resistance, corrosion resistance, usually brushes are raw materials, including carbon brushes, brush copper, subsequent development of silver, silver alloy carbon, different brush rated current and voltage are not the same size, if the material does not pass, it will bring damage to the brush, the brush while ensuring flexibility and abrasion resistance, for this problem, Cosmau brushes with gold, gold internal use of precious metals, thereby effectively improve the elasticity of the brush, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low resistivity problem, some require a conductive liquid, on the use of mercury to do the liquid conductive material, multi-filament structure, prolong life and reliable point of contact. Secondly, there are also concentricity of the slip ring life considerable influence, first of all if different concentricity rotation, will be on the inner seal friction unbalanced, high-precision bearings for the internal pressure imbalance, when the pressure is too great, it may be bearing crush, lead slip ring stuck, seal the uneven pressure in one direction, the opposite sides of the seal friction will increase, and thus easy to seal wear, and the impact of concentricity for several reasons, the first is rotor machining accuracy are not allowed, the second slip ring is too heavy, so now generally use high-precision CNC lathes machining, to ensure the accuracy of 0.01mm, and the weight of the slip ring mainly depends on the materials selected, all with aluminum to make sure It is not enough, because the rotor required to work continuously rotating, aluminum hardness is too small, easy to wear, so for this case, the internal made of stainless steel, while the external is made of aluminum, both to ensure concentricity, and reducing the overall weight of the slip ring, Furthermore, can be made of aluminum alloy material, the overall weight of the slip ring will become lighter.

Aluminum has a high hardness, wear resistance and other characteristics, but the price is more expensive than the average material, why aluminum casing can be used, and the rotor cannot use aluminum, because most of the slip rings, the rotor rotates, the housing is fixed, so the shell body does not have to wear, while the rotor is worn, the rotor housing is not in contact, but the seals, seals impact on the life of the slip ring is huge, because the seals are mainly non-metallic materials, seals and rotor metal material work time, rubbing, if not special treatment, seals are easy to wear, the seal is first too dry, in order to allow the friction is reduced to a minimum, sealing with high temperature lubricating fluid soaked imports between the rotor and seals, the inner surface layer of the film, both to reduce internal friction, but also play a lubricating role, and extend the service life, while making better sealing performance, supported by bearings, making high-speed rotation of the slip ring.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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