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How To Guarantee The Slip Ring Quality

With modern industrial development and progress, the competition of manufacturers is not just the market and price competition, the more important is that the level of technology. The level of technology determines the product's stability and life. Slip ring as a precision mechanical and electrical components, processes directly determine the level of product quality, experienced designers will use some of the common principles of design processing defects make up, therefore, the characteristics of the pre-manufacturing process It is to make full use of 3D modeling tools and simulation tools, the process of the issues are fully displayed, so that when you hold a good level design process, lay the foundation for all aspects of the back.

Engineering design, often encountered is how to connect with a working part, the biggest role of slip ring is to ensure that the device can transmit signals and power in the free rotation. Voltage in a small volume of the slip ring connections sometimes thousands of volts, currents of hundreds safety, as well as a variety of complex signals, while over hundreds of lines, how insulation between the path and signal lines, how not to mutual interference, these are definitely not an easy task, which requires careful consideration of the designer.

Its processing, production processes determine the slip ring quality, slip ring processing of the production process, the preliminary design drawings, plans, paying particular attention to detail and craftsmanship key points.

To control the production of good quality slip ring, first to avoid mistakes in the design, engineering drawings will be carried out through the review stage processing. After entering the production only after samples tested, can be carried out the bulk of the production, for each component of the slip ring of item number, size, material, process installation, assembly must be in strict accordance with the requirements of engineering drawings executed. For example slip ring bearing internal quality problems, it could lead to rotate flow, the quality of the insulating material may cause leakage and so on.

Slip ring for the material requirements are quite strict, insulating properties of the insulating material, pressure resistance; contact material choice, we must have good electrical properties, but also wear and corrosion. Some equipment is outdoors, a large temperature difference a year in some places 30-40 degrees below zero in winter, summer and some working ambient temperature reaches 70-80 degrees, so, in the material selection and testing should fully consider these factors.

Precision machining parts and components, the necessary production equipment is a must, if there is no tool as a guarantee, high quality slip ring can not be guaranteed. In terms of hardware facilities, microscopes and a sufficiently bright light source is essential, in the process of installation and manual inspection, microscopy checks as the first step should be to man a station, all installation and inspection must be done under a microscope , especially miniature slip ring, the human eye can distinguish between certain internal structure though, but because of long working hours, it will definitely produce vertigo and other factors have led to the installation and inspection of the internal structure, thus affecting the overall quality of the entire batch slip ring.

For control and assurance process is not just personal behavior, is more important is the team with. Slip ring production process was complex and cumbersome, only proper cooperation between each procedure, in order to ensure the overall quality of the slip ring.