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How To Judge The Quality Of Slip Rings

Slip ring, as an electrical component in charge of the transmission signal and power, has become increasingly subject to various industry attention, the only constant on the slip ring development, research and development, improve the upgrade, and constantly enhance the product performance to meet the needs of reality.

Cosmau with many years of sales experience, customers in the purchase slip rings often selected because of the brand of errors, precision errors, the pursuit of cheap, service misleading, and do not know how to buy good quality slip ring, then how to judge the quality of the slip ring is good? Currently slip ring market, the more common cap style slip ring, through hole slip ring, wind power slip rings and fiber slip ring, of course, the technical parameters, precision demanding military slip rings, relatively speaking, these slip ring’s structure is not very complicated, mainly to the quality is based on the precision machining process control, the choice of material components, generally expert are based instrument test viewing quality, but when you are around do not have any information, how to judge the quality of slip ring?

Let us first determine the quality of a few simple questions:
1. See the appearance - because you cannot see inside, it can only be judged from the outside. Strict quality control requirements of the manufacturers, production of the slip ring may look must be very neat, tight structure, design, processing flowing lines, wires will not appear messy, broken, damaged, but also pay attention to the slip ring surface brightness, should be rendered glossy smoothness, for this reason is the glossy black steel, grinding and cutting fluid used slip rings used, where the first two main to judge manufacturers in the production and processing of the details of the control.

2. Good quality slip ring is rotated feel smooth, torque is small, compact, no loose and stuck phenomenon, in the strict factory production control, generally will not cut corners.

3. Chamfer is bright, slip ring chamfer is not determined slip ring quality, but it reflects the processing method of the slip ring. Chamfer is black, shows that, after hardening heat treatment, which increases the hardness of the slip ring, and some people think that black ugly chamfer is not processed completely, this is a misunderstanding.

4. The whole cage than two body cage is good, although the new technology uses one cage, but it is only saves material, and other properties of the rotary body than the difference between the two.

These are judged slip ring quality method described, we hope to help you. Cosmau as the country engaged in one of the first professional slip ring manufacturer, has been the product quality, service, technology and other top priority, to the interests of consumers as the core to development. Today cosmau brand slip ring has been recognized by the market and consumers, we are better able to meet your needs, custom made your slip ring!

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