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Slip Rings and Optical Transceiver

With the rapid development of communication technology, optical fiber communication technology has become an important means of communication. Optical fiber transmission system with large capacity, transmission distance, strong anti-interference advantages, plays an irreplaceable role in terms of communication transmission. Optical fiber made of glass, good transmission quality, the theoretical available bandwidth of up 50000GHz, unrepeated transmission distance of up to 50 to 80 kilometers, can be used to power grids and substations and other strong electromagnetic environment.

Optical transceiver is a device used to convert optical signals and electrical signals to each other, and on the current situation, the use of front-end and back-end optical fiber transmission receiver need to use Optical, especially digital Optical transceiver. It will not have any preaching signal compression, and its main role is to achieve electricity - light and light - electricity conversion. Optical receiver generally divided into front-end optical transmitter and back-end optical received, generally in pairs. Digital Optical has the following advantages:
1. The transfer of large capacity, wide range of business;
2. Provide new technology basic: the analog signal is digitized, making Optical to standardized, modular direction possible.

With the rapid development of urban traffic and highway construction, for monitoring system equipment requirements are also increasing, because of its optical fiber transmission bandwidth, transmission distance, anti-interference advantages and is widely used. With military weaponry constantly updated, optical pod, radar control systems, also need to use optical fiber transmission signals to ensure stability and security signals.

Use of these areas, there is a common feature, we need to signal transmission from a rotating platform to a fixed platform, alone Optical in this case cannot meet the market requirements. Cosmau according to market demand, the development of a variety of high-performance fiber optic slip ring for rotation center of various systems, while fiber optic slip rings and electrical slip ring can be integrated to increase the usefulness of products to enhance the performance of the system.

Cosmau developed fiber optic slip rings include single-channel, two-channel and multi-channel, which covers a wide wavelength range, low loss, high stability, long service life, to meet the various requirements of different customers.

With the growing popularity of optical fiber communication, fiber optic slip ring has been applied to various fields, and along with the price of optical fiber and Optical core chip is reduced, optical fiber communication will become the preferred designers.