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Slip Ring and Conductive Control System

Double column conductive control system is the key components of engineering lifting machinery, drilling machinery, cranes and other construction machinery, mounted below or above its rotation center, connected by an internal rotating mechanism rocker and center, without external fork mechanism. Equivalent to connecting the brain and arm ties. With the construction crane and other equipment update and development. Such products are already present in a single-column conductivity control system, the main problem is the existence of product displacement, bending, short circuit, open circuit instability.

For the above shortcomings, Cosmau provided a double-column conductivity control system is rotated in contact with conductive components, electrostatic coupling, between the rotating member and the stationary member transmits electrical signals and power control system. Technical solutions by the following ways: a double-column conductivity control system devices, including the base, the central rotary body, brush assembly, slip ring device, cap, base fixed to the central rotating body, on both sides of fixed column, cover hole opened over the line, the center body and the brush assembly by rotating bolt connection, slip ring device consists of plate, spacer, conductive rings, slip ring and brush assembly on the column is rotated in contact via electrical signals and power copper wire on the slip ring means output, to achieve rotation transmitting electrical signals and power between the functional member and the stationary member, wherein the conductive ring has a further 120 °slip ring between the insulating sheet. Above the 120 ° conductive ring is on the slip ring assembly from bottom to top of the ninth ring, column is double column.

Using this new structure, to better achieve the rotating contact with the conductive member, electrostatic coupling, transmits electrical signals and electrical energy, solid, reliable, no displacement, bending, short circuit and so on. Engineering machinery and equipment 360 ° rotation, the utility model is turned all the way to the conductive paths in the course of their work in front of 120 ° safe working range of the circuit area, within the remaining 240 ° region is in the off state, control and improve the engineering machinery working run in security. Double-column structure, the structure enhances the stability of the product during use, the device under specified operating conditions, up to a total of more than 3,500 hours of work.