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Special Rotary Union

In the current production, rotary union is not just a parts in the device, it can be said is a professional equipment, is now not just a single series, with increasing demands on society, rotation joints in continuous improvement, innovation, a lot of special rotary joint appears in the current practical application. The most common is the high temperature, high pressure, high speed rotary joint, then what links between the three rotary joint? Cosmau company for the majority of consumers do the following presentations.

The first is the high-pressure rotary joint, the rotary joint, the primary need for a certain amount of pressure when the customers' needs for the working fluid delivery. Therefore, this case is very thick. It can withstand higher pressures.

High temperature rotary joint, in a nutshell is the role of the working fluid temperature tolerance of ability, basically medium is steam and hot oil, then there is no problem, it's the biggest feature is the heat capacity is relatively good.

The final step is the high-speed rotary joint, which is characterized by a joint biggest demanding speed, and the need to maintain a long high speed condition, generally use two-bearing, so running more stable.

Swivel joint between the three basic structure is quite similar, but each has its own peculiarities.

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