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Standard and Custom Slip Ring

Standard slip ring that is a common slip ring, but many customers do not know what is the standard slip ring, in the selection to waste too much time. Here I deliberately brief look at what is the standard slip ring, how the selection will facilitate that.

First, in the selection of the time, that must be acknowledged that the slip ring itself is the size requirements, the need for through hole, dimensions as well as the length of the request, the operating speed, operating temperature. These can refer through hole slip ring inside the website, if these parameters exceed the product list, it is better to contact customer service, so that the professional engineers would according to your requires to design a new slip ring.

Standard slip ring actually almost for every manufacturer, the basic points of the standard slip ring can divide in to two types: one is through-hole slip rings, another is the capsule slip rings. Here I will introduce the standard through-hole slip rings, the most common through bore slip ring included STR012, STR025, STR038, STR050 in the market, and the number means the through hole diameter. So what’s through hole slip ring is standard series?

Standard through-hole slip ring is actually under the same circumstances and internal structure made out of slip ring, generally set at 1-24 road via the same current size as a standard slip ring, if you encounter different currents mix, electric and signal mixing, pneumatic electric mixing, more large ones, shorter length, this becomes a non-standard slip ring, because this kind of slip rings have different requires to the shielding factor, signal, protection level, structure and size, with the difference between an ordinary slip ring.

Some customers will not find a standard through hole on the product catalog, if such slip ring is belong to a non-standard slip ring? The answer is no, because the main difference is the inner structure of the slip ring. If you want to use a standard hole 025 to the hole 020 did certainly possible. Or with standard hole 025 for cable pass with flange mount also is possible. Anyway the design of slip ring is flexible, we can design all kind of slip ring under the basic of applicable, you only send your technical details to us.

Standard through-hole slip rings are the advantages of low price products, short lead times. If have specific requirements, the cost will be high, and need more time to produce. .