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The Structure Of Miniature Slip Rings

Slip ring is a precision device to achieve relative rotation between the two structures require not interfere with each other multiplex signals (or current) transmission. Slip ring assembly formed of a conductive loop body, brush assembly, in combination with a precision bearing bracket flange (or the corresponding interface component), and the dust cover, and the like. The technical principle is: the installation rotation on with a combination of precision bearing bracket part of the rotation mechanism, multiple circuits wire and a plurality of conductive loop elements mutually insulated conductive ring is connected to, the brush assembly is installed in combination bracket fixed portion, and to a certain pressure is always kept in contact with the conductive ring, composed of the brightest brush wire brush assembly respectively pressed against the corresponding conducting rings, so that a plurality of wires simultaneously rotating mechanism on the transmission signal and current. From the rotation transmission mechanism to multiplex signals current or respectively through wires - conductive ring - brushes transmitted to the electronic control system or a signal processing unit connected with the brush, in order to achieve multi-channel electrical signals relative rotation between the two bodies, meanwhile precise transmission.

In order to make the multi-channel electrical signal (or current) respectively through wires - conductive ring - do not interfere with each other when the brush transmission, a plurality of electrical signals to achieve high accuracy while achieving the purpose of transmission, between the channels must be insulated from each other, mutual shielding. For larger slip ring, the realization of mutual insulation between the plurality of current or signal path, the mutual shielding is relatively easy, but for miniature slip ring, the realization of multi-channel in a small space (17mmx48mm) in insulated from each other between the current or signal path, the mutual shielding it with great difficulty, therefore, to make reliable insulated from each other to become the biggest technical problem between the plurality of conductive rings.

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