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The Structure Of Precision Slip Ring

Slip ring used at current and signal transmission in a relatively mechanical rotation, which is an electromechanical device used to transmit electrical signals and power through the relative rotation sliding contact between the conductive rings and brushes. Slip ring are widely used in various rotary joints of precision equipment, mainly in the field of high-speed dome security cameras, automated rotating platform, automatic revolving door, automatic packaging machines and robotics, different areas of the slip ring has a different technique requirements, with the development of science and technology, improve equipment performance for each application area of slip ring also put forward higher requirements. Due to a long period of slip ring rotation speed, slip ring whole long period under high temperature, high temperature performance of the connection structure of the original slip ring and each member needs to be further improved.

Cosmau solve the existing slip ring connection structure is not strong enough and high temperature performance technical problems and provide a more secure connection structure, the rotation is more stable, more accurate temperature performance slip ring, while addressing the existing slip ring rotation torque is large, the sealing performance is not very good technical problems, there is provided a rotary torque, smoother rotation and improve precision conductive slip ring sealing performance.

Mainly through the following technical solutions: The utility model slip ring includes a housing, two slip plates and shaft body, the two plates slide loop symmetrically disposed within the housing and surrounds the central shaft of the body, the board has arranged slip Link spaced rows and a plurality of conductive wire, conductive wire toward the central shaft, the shaft features are arranged in rows and a plurality of spaced conductive rings, the conductive brush and a conductive ring contacts correspond, the inner wall of the housing close at the top it has a ring, the upper of the slip ring plate has a shoulder, slip ring plate outer side wall has a ring-shaped groove, the shoulder and the ring with top ring groove card connected with a retainer, two slip ring plates through loop retainer and fixedly attached to the housing. The width of the retainer is greater than the depth of the ring grooves, when retainer snap ring grooves, retainer and partly exposed to the outside of the ring-shaped groove, and the pressure in the ring plane, it is so brush board can neither move up nor down off the slide plate and the housing secured to loop together and disassembly is very convenient.

The housing has a certain sealing effect, preventing outside dust, water, etc. into the mist. As features two axially symmetrical ridges on the inner wall of the housing, the two wire plates are located on both sides of the ridges. There is prevent relative sliding between the sliding plate and the housing, the ridges also act to isolate the two plates of slip ring. It also can be used after two slip loop structure is formed of a plate butt grooves, the grooves and ribs snap, so that a more fixed position. Link trailing end of the brush plate is a block closing plate, provided with a rear lead groove, the lead groove located in the brush plate semicircular loop intermediate position correspond to the conductive brush connected to a lead wire from the recess leads. Both to ensure the end of slip ring seal, but also makes connections and lead wires do not up outer surface of the brush plate, so as not to affect the case of nested.

Cosmau design and manufactures slip ring and rotary union for a wide range of industry applications. Cosmau's products provide reliable transfer of signal, power, fluid and gas from stationary to a rotating structure.
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