Technical Support

High Speed Rotary Joints

What is called the high-speed rotary union, the definition of the industry is now able to speed up to 1000 rpm per minute or more it is called the high-speed rotary joint. With the rotary union technology innovation, equipment speed rotary joint demand for higher and higher. 1000 rpm has been unable to meet the needs of today's equipment, and reach three thousand rpm or more per minute can be called high-speed rotary unions.

In the high-speed operation, how to ensure the normal operation of the rotary joint, you must first configure a high-quality bearings. Bearing to have good heat dissipation ability and wear resistance. Good cooling capacity, high temperatures generated during high-speed rotation so the process will not cause the rotary joint stuck phenomenon. Bearing to choose special materials, while accompanied by carbon graphite, this material is not only good heat dissipation, while reducing wear on the bearings. Rotary joint during use, to timely filling of bearing lubricants, holding at high speeds, bearing temperature not too high, do not appear too much wear and tear.

To ensure the normal operation of high-speed rotary joints have to rely on the seal. Seals wear resistance, high temperature resistance, then the rotary joint on the long service life, better able to reduce investment. High-speed rotary joint sealing surface on the market just do some simple polished, this situation will be intense friction with the seal in operation, resulting in the sealing surface and the seal friction at high temperature, the situation appeared to soften, resulting in both severe wear, leakage occurs at the time of transmission medium, eventually damage the rotary union. Cosmau imported special material seals, while the foreign share of the best and sealing technology, high-speed rotation, greatly reducing the wear extent of damage to seals and seal rings, high-speed rotary joint operation to ensure that, eliminate the leak condition occurs.